How wannabe ISIS module of Ratlam functioned

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Ratlam, May 9: A wannabe ISIS member had the cheek to tell the police that he stayed in touch with his module members through telegram. This is how one could sum up the Ratlam Module of the ISIS which was busted recently.

Certain questions that arise out of the ongoing investigation point towards the hurried manner in which it had been concluded that this module was set up by the ISIS.

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Wannabe ISIS module of Ratlam

The ISIS in principle has not been setting up modules in India and it only believes in recruiting people who can join them either in Iraq and Syria for now and at a later date in Afghanistan.

The wannabe ISIS member

Irfan Khan has been termed as the boss of the module. The fact is that he had no green signal from the ISIS to carry out attacks in India. All he received from a friend abroad was a sum of Rs 40,000 to plan an attack.

Khan has told the police that this module was not set up by the ISIS. Instead he wanted to join the ISIS and he had been told to prove his worth before they could rope him in. I wanted to go to Syria, train there and fight for them, he tells the investigators.

The alleged handler in turn tells him that he would need to prove his point and for starters he would need to kill a police man in Madhya Pradesh. This was a conversation which took place months back and he was unable to execute the plan.

A self styled ISIS member

It becomes amply clear and sources tell OneIndia that this was a self styled module. There are 150 pages of conversation which do not show any direct contact with the ISIS. He is found to be speaking to a handler who does not converse much.

Most of the conversations are pleasantries and Irfan Khan appears to be making a desperate attempt to slip out of the country and join the ISIS in Syria. The handler however tells him that he will have to prove himself. Kill one policeman at least and prove your worth.

Further investigations would also show that Irfan Khan was a self motivated man. He had visited riot hit areas in Ratlam and Muzzafarpur and had spoken with the victims. He made attempts to rope in some people, but managed to get only four.

Chats from Afghanistan

The Central Intelligence Bureau had placed Khan under watch after he was found to be constantly chatting up his handler. It appeared as though he was chatting from Afghanistan.

However what was found that he was using a proxy server and all the conversations were from Ratlam itself. He was in touch with a person by name Shafi Armar with whom he was discussing his plans.

However Shafi constantly told him that he could make arrangements for him to leave for Syria only after he had proven his point.

Khan who was questioned about these chat transcripts denied that he had ever spoken online. He even tried to pull a fast one on the police by saying that he only stayed in touch through telegrams. This in fact earned a few laughs from the investigators who asked him if he even knew that telegrams do not exist.

In the name of the ISIS

There are no files in the Intelligence Bureau which even remotely suggest that the ISIS is planning to set up Indian Mujahideen styled modules in India. The focus is only on recruitment.

It has been seen in the past couple of months that the Intelligence Bureau through their operation Chakravyuh have spotted several possible recruits and brought them back. All these persons have been counseled and let off.

At no cost does the Indian government want to victimize misguided youth. The Intelligence Bureau says that unwanted victimizing would only give such persons a reason to go ahead and build up their resolve in a bid to attack their own nation.

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