Gurdaspur attack: India wanted at least 1 terrorist alive

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New Delhi, July 28: The NSA level talks to be held next month between India and Pakistan would be a highly charged one.

India's national security advisor, Ajit Doval would have tough questions for his counterpart, Sartaz Aziz especially in the wake of the Gurdaspur attack.


For India the proof regarding the attack is extremely important. All through the attack yesterday which lasted 11 hours, there were attempts being made to capture at least one terrorist alive.

However what became clear during the course of the combat was that none of the terrorists was willing to speak and made it clear that they had come to die.

Get at least one alive:

The Punjab police which combated the terrorists yesterday made at least six attempts to nab at least one of the terrorists alive.

At first, the attempt was to try and engage the terrorists in banter. They even waited to see if the terrorists would attempt taking anyone hostage so that they would begin negotiating with the police.

However the terrorists were here on a specific mission. They fired every ten minutes and ensure that their ammunition lasted the entire day.

They too were aware that they were either going to die or make a daredevil escape. There was repeated communication from New Delhi too which had instructed that one of the terrorists be caught alive.

A terrorist alive is a hub of information and he would have chanted the details of the entire modus operandi.

No food, no surrender:

Terrorists who come to India on a long mission often carry with them plenty of food. They even have in their kit bag nuts to munch on during the attack.

However there was nothing to this effect that has been found with the terrorists. It was clear that they were here on a short stint, carry out the job leave or die.

These were members of a fidayeen squad, an Intelligence Bureau official informed OneIndia. They were remote controlled all the way into Gurdaspur by either the Lashkar-e-Tayiba or the Jaish-e-Mohammad.

The only plan was to enter into Punjab, pick the next target and start firing.

These terrorists had entered into Gurdaspur at around 4.45 AM. They made an attempt to hijack a tempo but failed.

They then managed to get a car which they hijacked before opening firing on a bus and making their way into the police station.

The only thing which appeared to be part of the long plan was to enter into a police station to take on the security mechanism and engage the forces in a day long battle.

All they did was fire indiscriminately. They ensured that their 150 rounds of AK-47 ammunition lasted an entire day.

India has technical evidence:

The GPS sets which were found with the terrorists has been sent for technical analysis. Prima facie it shows clearly that the start position was set for Pakistan.

They have made their way into Hiranagar in Jammu before leaving for Gurdaspur which was the final destination of the attack.

The technical analysis which will be available in a day or two will be the evidence that India would show to Pakistan. On the other hand Pakistan will have to explain to India about the origin of these terrorists. All attempts are being made by Pakistan to scuttle the talks. However India will stand firm and continue with the talks. We will not let them have that pleasure, an official says.

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