Flat denial in Modi's India? Will the propaganda ever end?

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Bengaluru, May 28: A flat denied in Modi's India, Church attacked in Modi's India or job denied in Modi's India- the list is endless.

While one may wonder why "Modi's India" is added in a sentence anytime something bad takes place, one must also bear in mind that denying flats is not some new phenomenon and there have been instances such as these in Mumbai in the past as well.

Narendra Modi

Two instances in which actors were denied accommodation in the years 2006 and 2009 were reported from the city of Mumbai. To refresh one's memory in the years 2006 and 2009, the country or the state of Maharashtra were not governed by Narendra Modi and his men.

Denied flats because of their religion:

In the year 2006, an actor called Amir Ali was denied accommodation at Lokhandwala. The actor had gone to the press alleging that he was denied accommodation because of his religion.

Ali also moved the High Court of Bombay and stated, " if membership of accommodation is denied on the basis of caste, religion or creed it sets a bad precedent. He also said that if this is not curbed then the practice will grow manifold and cities within the state will be divided without any physical division.

The next high profile case was relating to Emran Hashmi. "Am I a criminal or a terrorist?", Hashmi had asked when he was alleged to have been denied a house he wanted to buy at the Pali Hill. He said that he was not given a no-objection certificate and alleged that it is strange that they don't tell you on your face that you can't get a house because you are a Muslim.

Hashmi also alleged that the reason given to him was that he is a serial kisser and his presence there would have a bad influence on the children staying there.

Church attacks and the nun rape:

After the BJP came to power at the centre, every incident of religious intolerance has been mysteriously connected to the government in power. One got to witness a spate of attacks on Churches. During the same period we also reported the nun rape incident in West Bengal.

Were these incidents even remotely connected to religious intolerance? At least the investigations do not suggest that. The Church attacks in Delhi were investigated by the police and not a single instance was found to be due to religious intolerance. They were straight forward cases of robbery and vandalism, which were in no way connected with faith.

The nun rape case too started off on a similar note with many questioning if the government was doing enough to protect the minorities. This case too turned out to be a case of robbery by a set of youth from Bangladesh.

The nun was assaulted as she tried to stop the robbery. If there are questions of the probe being influenced then to refresh one's memory, it was the West Bengal CID which conducted the probe.

Propaganda war:

The propaganda against the government is not something that takes place just in India. It is a deep rooted network and attempts to show a government in poor light have been made in the West as well.

Prior to the elections in the year 2014, there were a spate of petitions filed in various US courts by NGOs. The intention was to bring up the Gujarat riots claiming that human rights had been violated.

However, it was later found that it was a set of people from both India and Pakistan who had been stage managing such petitions so that there is global negative publicity against an Indian government.

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