Did this TN ISIS operative plot his return to strike India?

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Bengaluru, Oct 8: While going through the interrogation report of Suahani Mohammad, there is something that does not add up. He says that he was shaken by the violence and misery of war in Mosul and hence decided to quit the ISIS. He also states that the ISIS court had sentenced him.

Further he also says that after spending sometime in an ISIS jail in Syria, he was one day released without any reason. Following this he returned to India and a few months later he was back with the ISIS. This could just be a ploy, officials say.

Did ISIS operative plot a strike India?

Since the past year, the ISIS has been losing territory in Syria and Iraq. One could say that they are losing the battle. The ISIS has been telling its foreign recruits to return to their home lands and carry out attacks.

This was noticed in the Paris attack. A few of the fidayeens had in fact joined the ISIS in Syria only to return to Paris and carry out that horrific attack.

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Plotting his return

Mohammad's case appears to be similar in nature. He gives no reason to the National Investigation Agency as to why he was let off by the ISIS. The ISIS does not like deserters. They usually kill them instead of sentencing them. The word mercy does not exist in their dictionary.

Mohammad says on conveying his decision to quit the organisation, he was impassioned by the ISIS and subjected to extreme torture. He also says along with other deserting foreign fighters he was produced before a judge of the ISIS.

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He says he was sent to a jail in Raqqa, Syria. However, for reasons unknown he along with five others was allowed to leave the jail and return to Turkey. From Turkey he contacted his family and then returned home.

Back in Tamil Nadu, he took up a job as a salesperson. However, six months later he was back with the ISIS and trying to procure weapons among other materials to carry out a Nice and Paris styled attack.

This could well be part of a larger ploy, officials say. The ISIS commanders themselves must have told him to return and carry out attacks in India. The ISIS clearly wants its fighters in every corner of the world. In India it has not achieved much success and hence he must have been sent to plot a major strike down South.

Officials say that there is no other logical explaination for the ISIS letting him off. The ISIS is not known to pardon people. Moreover to let off an operative who has been with them for seven months is strange. Be it a terrorist outfit or a crime syndicate, they are extremely harsh with deserters.

There is only one sentence for deserters and that is death.

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