Dance drama brings back memory of infamous Delhi gangrape case

Posted By: PTI
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New Delhi, Dec 5: A fusion of Broadway and classical Indian dance styles like Chahu, Odissi and Gumar was presented at the International Ancient Arts Festival, which brought back memories of the gruesome infamous 2012 Delhi gangrape.

"In our title program 'Antaryatra' we have showcased through yoga how a change in our nature can bring about a change in our actions towards society and human beings to bring about peace and prosperity," Reela Hota, Odissi dancer and festival director said.

Dance drama brought back memories of the gruesome infamous 2012 Delhi gangrape.
The two-day festival began here late last evening. The first presentation 'Antaryatra' was a blend of different dance styles and according to Hota was aimed at making people gender sensitive by enlightening them about the yogic 'Chakras' and importance of attaining a higher 'Chakra'.

"We tried to show the Nirbhaya gangrape case. The people acted in such a inhuman way because their 'Mooladhara' chakra was active, and so they acted the way they did," Hota said.

According to yogic practice, a soul evolves from chakra to chakra. Each chakra has certain attributes and a man’s nature, as well as actions are governed by them. One can elevate oneself to a higher chakra, to be a better human being, and lead a more harmonious life. And that in turn can contribute towards creating a peaceful society.

In the dance, historical and contemporary figures have been depicted to show the physical manifestations and relevance of this seemingly esoteric theme.

"Yoga says that the chakra which we have which is our inner nature we act according to it. A human being has seven subtle chakras according to yoga. It is said the people who have an active ‘Mooladhara’ the human being is selfish, violent, stressed and angry," Hota said.

The entire dance drama comprised seven acts showcasing the rise of man to the highest chakra of divinity which helps in building a better society for peace and prosperity.

"One needs to attain a higher chakra than 'Mooladhara' for instance emperor 'Ashoka' who was depicted by one of our artists from the United States using Broadway free style was very interesting. The emperor took lives because of his ego but changes after he sees the devastation he has caused and turns into a Buddhist and inner change takes place," Hota said.

Chloe Chevaleyre, a contemporary ballet dancer from France who plays the role of Nirbhaya, the gangrape victim said,"I would like to tell you that the ancient arts project really matter to me. I also believe in the richness of the sharing between all form of art, that's why I am visiting India for this project."

Artists also showcased higher chakras like 'Visuddhi', 'Sahasrara' and 'Mokshya' which shed light on the paths taken by Meera Bai and Lord Buddha to enable them to become better human beings.


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