Bengaluru residents may get BWSSB water once a week

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Bengaluru, March 22: The water crisis in Karnataka is likely to worsen in the days to come and the state machinery has a huge task ahead of it. With the water levels at the KRS reservoir dropping to 85 feet in the past week, the troubles ahead are immense.

The manner in which the water level is receding in the KRS reservoir, it is expected that over the next two weeks it will drop to nearly 50 feet, unless there are showers.

Bengaluru to face water shortage?

Bengaluru city too will be affected largely due to this. Currently the BWSSB has been supplying water to the residents of the city thrice a week. However if this situation continues, then it will be reduced to once a week, a BWSSB official informed OneIndia.

What is the solution?

For the BWSSB the immediate solution would be rains or an early monsoon. The BWSSB is mooting reducing the water supply to once a week until the monsoon sets in. We hope it sets in by mid May at least, the officer also informed.

The BWSSB taking into account the current situation is also considering water rationing in Bengaluru. The water rationing programme is undertaken to evenly distribute what water supplies exist.

A small trial rationing program was instituted in March, 2007 with electronic water meters which would shut off after the allotted amount of water was used, but the program was considered a technical failure, due in part to software issues.

BWSSB currently supplies approximately 900 million litres (238 million gallons) of water to the city per day, despite a municipal demand of 1.3 billion liters. Water for Bengaluru comes from a number of sources, with 80% of it coming from the Cauvery River.

Water is also drawn from the Arkavathy River, but the supply does not meet the demand as it contributes to only 20 per cent of the water supply.

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