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Barak 8 LRSAM missile: All you need to know

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New Delhi, Oct 25: India's decision to buy more Barak 8 Long-Range Surface-to-Air Missile (LR-SAM) systems from Israel would significantly bolster Navy's ability to to defend against incoming ariel attacks. The Long-Range Surface-to-Air Missile (LR-SAM) system is an operational Air and Missile Defence (AMD) system used by Israel's navy as well as by India's navy, air and land forces, said a PTI report.

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Israel to supply missile defence systems to India for 7 millionIsrael to supply missile defence systems to India for 7 million

LRSAM has long-range engagement capability to penetrate deep water and land to intercept all types of aerial targets like subsonic and supersonic missiles, fighter aircraft, maritime patrolling aircraft (MPA), helicopter and sea skimming missiles. It is capable of countering latest generation anti-ship missiles.

10 things to know about Barak-8 missiles:

  • Barak 8 was jointly developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Israel's Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure, Elta Systems, Rafael and other companies.
  • The Barak 8 has a length of about 4.5 meters, a diameter of 0.225 meters at missile body, and 0.54 meters at the booster stage, a wingspan of 0.94 meters and weighs 275 kg including a 60 kg warhead which detonates at proximity.
  • The missile has maximum speed of Mach 2 with a maximum operational range of 70 km, which was later increased to 100 km.
  • Barak 8 features a dual pulse rocket motor as well as Thrust vector control, and possesses high degrees of manoeuvrability at target interception range.
  • Barak-8 incorporates a state-of-the-art phased array multi-mission radar, two-way data link, and a flexible command and control system, enabling users to simultaneously engage multiple targets day and night and in all weather conditions.
  • Barak-8 integrates several advanced systems as digital radar, command and control, launchers, interceptors with modern radio frequency seekers, data link and system-wide connectivity.
  • Indian Navy has already deployed the missiles on Kolkata class stealth guided-missile destroyer.
  • The Indian Army has also ordered five regiments of MRSAM version of this missile, which consists of about 40 launchers and 200 missiles for ₹17,000 crore. It is expected to be deployed by 2023 with first deliveries commencing in 2020. MRSAM is the land based configuration of the missile.
  • The land based configuration of the missile consists of a command and control system, tracking radar, missile and mobile launcher systems.
  • The new contract announced by IAI was entered with Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), which serves as the main contractor in the project.

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