Al Qaeda, Indian Mujahideen join hands to perpetrate big attacks in India: Intelligence officials

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Al Qaeda, IM targeting India together
New Delhi, Nov 6: Intelligence officials in New Delhi fear that the Indian Mujahideen (IM) and Al Qaeda are working together to disturb the peace in the national capital by launching major terror attacks.

As per a Reuters report, "Decrypted communications between Indian Mujahideen (IM) and Al Qaeda and testimony from suspects have triggered alarm among intelligence officials in New Delhi: the groups appear to be working together to launch major attacks in the region."

The officials were quoted as saying in the agency report that the plots they had uncovered included the kidnapping of foreigners and turning India into a "Syria and Iraq where violence is continuously happening".

Security officials have also warned by giving example of suicide bombing at Wagah Border on Sunday and a terror alert on Tuesday at India's eastern ports which led to withdrawing of two Indian navy ships.

They said that these two events clearly show how "militant coordination and activity are on the rise."

"The thing we are looking for is how Al Qaeda/ISIS tie up with local groups, especially as the drawdown takes place in Afghanistan," said Sharad Kumar, head of the NIA (National Investigation Agency), the country's main counter-terrorism arm.

Growing ties between Al Qaeda and IM

As per the Reuters report, Indian security agencies have also gathered evidences which points towards growing ties between al-Qaida and IM.

The chargesheet prepared by NIA says that to avenge attacks on Rohingya Muslims, IM has been urged by Al Qaeda to open a base in Myanmar. From the internet conversations and meetings between militants in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, NIA has gathered many of such evidences which clearly indicate towards the growing ties between IM and Al Qaeda.

The report also said, "The Internet chats, which the United States helped Indian investigators to decipher, reveal tensions between IM and Pakistan's powerful Inter-Services Intelligence agency, which India says has nurtured the group with finance and equipment."

Describing Pakistani agents as 'dogs,' Riaz Bhatkal (one of the founders of IM) is heard telling one of his men how important it is to build direct ties with Al Qaeda, and also says that ties should be cut out with the Pakistan agents. At present, Riaz Bhatkal is reportedly said to be based in Pakistan's Karachi.

In the same conversation, talks are also heard about visiting Al Qaeda leaders in the tribal belt on the Afghan-Pakistan border, despite ISI orders not to do so.

But as per experts, Al Qaeda is joining hands with IM to bring Iraq like situation in India, only to hurt the Indian economy by targeting the growing influx of foreign tourists in India.

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