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Age no bar: Karnataka centenarian couple surviving COVID-19 brings ray of hope


Bengaluru, June 02: In a news that spreads hope amid the devastating pandemic, a 103-year-old man and his 101-year-old wife have recently recovered from COVID-19 in Tambaraguddi village of Bellary district.

The couple Iranna, and Iravva received a round of applause from their neighbours and authorities when they recovered from the deadly disease withing 12 days.

Age no bar: Karnataka centenarian couple surviving COVID-19 brings ray of hope

It was on 17th of May, the couple started exhibiting symptoms of the COVID-19. They developed fever and other health issues. But luckily, there was no serious complications.

Reportedly, they were infected by their son who was shifted to a nearby hospital for treatment. They became the primary contact of the infected person, also tested positive after a week.

As soon as the couple's covid test came positive, the elderly decided to isolate themselves at their home together, followed all the instructions given by the doctors and maintained home food.

During their isolation period, the couple, stayed positive. The doctors who treated the patients have hailed the couple's good lifestyle for many decades.

"I have toiled my life hard in my youth. We never fall short of topics to chat about. We eat simple food and spend a lot of time with each other. If you are happy, smile with all your heart, then nothing can harm you, Eerappa said.

The story of Iranna, and Iravva is one among the many, but what makes their story remarkable is the fact that the couple have crossed 100 years.

Recovery for the elderly couple is usually fraught since they had to be monitored closely for age-related complications.
Covid-19 patients above the age of 60 are generally categorised as "high-risk". The couple's recovery has given hope in the state where stigma against the infected is high.

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