When 'aam aadmi' Arvind Kejriwal got 'VIP treatment'!

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New Delhi, Dec 16: From 'shoe throwing' to 'shoe cleaning', 'humble' shoes have become a sort of trend-setters in their own ways in the Indian politics.

In 2011, a shoe was hurled at the social-activist-turned politician Arvind Kejriwal during a public meeting in Lucknow and contrarily on Monday, an Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) worker was reportedly seen bending down to clean the shoes of Kejriwal.

However, it must be noted that Kejriwal never wear shoes even in winters and prefers to wear sandals. So, the authenticity of the report cannot be ascertained.

Since his two year old fight for the Jan Lokpal Bill, the AAP founder Arvind Kejriwal has come a long way.

According to a report, an AAP worker was seen cleaning the shoes of the party's chief Kejriwal.

From 'shoe throwing' to 'shoe cleaning', 'humble' shoes have become trendsetters

The news comes as a bit of surprise as Kejriwal, being a politician, is known to have an "aam aadmi" image unlike other politician's "VIP images".

If the report is true, then, maybe, the newbie in politics, Kejriwal is now trying to follow the footsteps of the experienced and senior politicians. At the same time, this act of getting his shoes cleaned by a party worker also sheds his image of being a 'common man'.

But, if it is a fake picture, then, it is one of the worst way of maligning Kejriwal's image by his opponents.

In 2011, the BSP supremo and the then Uttar Pradesh's chief minister Mayawati came into a similar controversy when her Personal Security Officer (PSO), more than 60 years old, Padam Singh cleaned her shoes as "they got too dusty", with his handkerchief, the moment she stepped out of the chopper in the Auraiya district near Kanpur.

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