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5 Reasons to Service Your Air Conditioner Regularly

By Anuj Cariappa
Google Oneindia News

Once you purchase your AC equipment and have it properly installed, you might be tempted to just let it run without regularly checking how it's working. Yes, the equipment will most likely work without issues, but over time, it will prove more costly to fix big problems than service it regularly.

5 Reasons to Service Your Air Conditioner Regularly

Just purchasing the best air conditioner is not enough, keeping tabs on your air conditioner and servicing it regularly will let you handle smaller issues as they arise and avoid bigger problems from blind sighting you.

Here are five reasons why you should service your AC equipment regularly:

The warranty might require it

When you purchase your AC, make sure to read the warranty carefully. Most manufacturers require you to service your equipment regularly to cover any eventual problems.

If you fail to follow these instructions, then they might refuse to fix or replace the air conditioner system altogether!

Brands tend to offer warranties lasting for up to two whole years. So, make sure you keep your AC running smoothly and have a technician confirm that there are no major issues coming your way.

Keep it running smoothly!

If you don't properly service your AC equipment, you might end up losing efficiency over time! It's considered that an air conditioner that isn't checked out by a technician regularly, may lose up to 5% of its efficiency every single year!

This means it'll take longer to cool or heat any given room, and its power consumption will increase exponentially. In the long run, it'll be cheaper to pay an expert to check on your equipment.

It extends the equipment's lifespan

Like any electrical equipment, an air conditioner has a determined lifespan. After this time is over, you'll have to purchase a new device. In order to extend this period as much as possible, it's vital to regularly service it.

Since blockages are a natural occurrence, and several parts might need to be replaced over time, catching these problems in time will allow the equipment to last far longer than if you leave such issues unattended.

Servicing your AC regularly can double the equipment's lifespan!

Avoid breathing low-quality air

When an air conditioner is not working properly, the air it releases into the room may be vitiated. This is not good for people's health, especially children and those suffering from respiratory diseases.

Cleaning and servicing your equipment regularly help you avoid such issues, massively improving the quality of the air. It'll also help you avoid foul smells being released into your home or office space.

Save up on your electricity bill

Air conditioner systems can be quite costly. Not simply when purchasing or installing them, but also at the end of the month, when the power bill arrives. Especially during spring and summer, this cost can skyrocket, and it may lead to families and companies to avoid using the AC altogether. This is not an ideal situation, but there's a solution to this problem!

Though servicing your AC won't make the power bill disappear, it will make it far more manageable!
An efficiently maintained air conditioner system can help you save up to 25% of your monthly electricity bill, making a visit from the technician far less expensive than the alternative!

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