26/11 attack: Did a Nepal module play a role in it?

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Mumbai, May 20: Abdul Rehman Pasha, who was a major in the Pakistan army before he retired was the man who handled the Lashkar-e-Tayiba operatives in Nepal, investigations have revealed. Pasha incidentally is one of the handlers of the 26/11 attack and a dossier that India has sent to Pakistan has his name mentioned in it.

Irfan an operative of Indian origin who had fled from Nepal during the earthquake only to be arrested in Uttar Pradesh recently has told the investigating agencies about his close association with Pasha. Whether Irfan had a role to play in the 26/11 attack is under probe.


Did Irfan play a role in the 26/11 attack?

Irfan states during his questioning by the police and intelligence bureau officials speaks in detail about his relationship with Pasha. "He was a major in the Pakistan army and he was directly involved in the 26/11 attack," Irfan tells the police.

Further Irfan also says that prior to the 26/11 attack, he had spoken with Pasha who had told him to scout for targets in India. I gave him a detailed list of possible targets which included military camps and training institutes around Uttar Pradesh and the neighbouring states.

However later I was told by Pasha that the work of scouting for the targets would be done by a person who is fair and speaks in English. I was told to look after him for sometime while in Nepal. Later that man left for India, Pasha also tells the police. The police say that the man he is speaking about could be David Headley.

Pakistan controlling Nepal operations:

Irfan's interrogation also points towards the much known fact about how the Pakistan army and ISI controls operations in Nepal. Over the past couple of years, Nepal has become a stop over for several terrorists who flee India with an intention of crossing over into Pakistan.

Irfan details the operations and says that several persons who had fled India would get in touch with him in Nepal. I would put them up in some house for a couple of weeks before sending them across to Pakistan, Irfan also says.

Further he also adds that the journey that these persons make between India and Nepal is always by road. There are touts specifically appointed for this job who transport such operatives on motor bikes. The tout is paid anything between Rs 500 and Rs 1000 for this.

The operative would need to reach near the Nepal border and then contact the tout. The information about the tout is given in advance. On reaching the border the operative contacts the tout who then picks him up from near the border before taking him to a safe destination.

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