The darker side of women: World's deadliest 'lady killers'

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Little do we know that the world of terrorism and jihad is not solely dominated by men. On this women's Day, while we celebrate the spirit of women, we also explore the darker side of women.

The world's deadliest women range from suicide bombers to extremists who have rocked the world in several ways. Having families or career with multi national companies did not stop them from living their ideologies, however false they may be.


Like all terrorists, these women have been motivated to enter the big dark world of blood because of poverty, oppression and ideologies.

Here is the list of deadly women terrorists.

The Black Widows

Also known as the Shahidkas, the Black Widows are Chechen suicide bombers. They came to light in 2002 during a hostage situation in the Moscow theater. Sometimes referred to as the Brides of Allah, these are usually widows of the murdered Chechen fighters.

However, not all of them are widows. Some of the members also belong to an age group of 15-19 years. Some of these women are highly educated, have a career, but have chosen this path for their hatred towards Russians in the Chechenya war. These women are trained by psychologists, religious preachers and terrorists.

Patty Hearst

The unique story of Patty Hearst had taken the world by awe. Heir to a wealthy media Mogul-William Randolph Hearst , she was kidnapped from her own house by the SLA (Syambionese Liberation Army) members. Claiming to be a revolutionary reconnaissance army, they wanted the imprisoned SLA members released. But when that did not work out, he offered them 6 million dollars. But Patty remained captive.

After a few days, media broadcasts saw Patty joining the SLA. She was seen robbing banks in 1974 and threatening people. When the group leaders got killed in an ambush, Patty was caught. She told that she was forced into doing what she did and was raped and brainwashed. Also, she did not remember the bank robbery she was involved in. Although she was found guilty, she was pardoned by President Carter 2 years later.

Ulrike Meinhof

One of the most notorious terrorists, Ulrike formed RAF (Rote Armee Fraction) organisation, along with two of her friends. A leftist activist in her youth, she wrote against Adenauer`s policy. Her group was also known as the Bader-Meinhof group , which committed a series of attacks across Germany. They attacked a the headquarters of the American Army in Frankfurt and set up a bomb under judge Buddenberg`s car, who ordered an investigation on RAF members. She was arrested in 1972 and sentenced to 4 yaers jail. It is said she committed suicide in prison, although rumours state otherwise.

Fusako Shifenobu, is Japanese by origin. A leader of the Japanese Red Army organization, she is responsible for attacks on the American Consulates in the 1980's. She is rumoured to be living in Syria.

Reem Riyashi, Israel

A Hamas operative, she detonated herself at the Erez Checkpoint between Gaza and Israel on January 14, 2004. She passed through the security check claiming that she had metal plates fixed in her legs. She triggered the device while being frisked by a female Israeli soldier.

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