Referendum in J&K: Why it is con agenda of Pakistan backed separatists?

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Kashmiri Pandits
At a time when J&K has yet not come out from its worst nightmare as flood has devastated everything in the State, ongoing Scotland's referendum process has stirred a debate in strife-torn State.

It is being said that the way Scots are being allowed to vote for their Independent nation by UK Parliament, the same way people of the State be given chance to choose their fate. This debate gained momentum after Britain's House of Commons recently had held a debate on this contentious issue which has been a bone of contention between India and Pakistan since 1947.

British parliament discussed the issue

While discussing about the issue, Liberal Democrat MP David Ward said as quoted by ET, "A final resolution to the Kashmir issue is hugely important to world peace. Until the situation is resolved, the potential still exists for India and Pakistan to go to war".

But the way conservative leader Gregory Barker countered this view that gives the real insight about the stalemate. "There is a democratic process in place and around 61 per cent of the population participated in state elections in the region, which sits as part of the world's largest democracy", Barker said.

Though, both Congress and BJP slammed this move in unison, Kashmiri separatists got fodder to take up the cudgel against Indian Government. BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav said, "British Parliament's decision to discuss Kashmir issue condemnable. Can we take up Falkland Islands or Scotland issue for discussion in our parliament?".

Separatists incite people for their vested interest

The so called well wishers of valley people, these separatists didn't even came out from their comfy home to help marooned flood victim, but on the matter of referendum they suddenly swing into action. Not only that one of the report recently said that Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief Yasin Malik had even snatched a boat meant for rescuing hapless victims.

When asking about referendum in J & K, Hurriat Conference leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq as quoted by Reuter said , "We hope India will also change its approach and realise the fact that people's rights can't be trampled upon. It is encouraging that in a peaceful manner people will be deciding their future".

But now question is whether the Scotland referendum can be replicated in Kashmir and will that be a feasible one?

How Kashmir came into being?

For that we have to travel little deep into political history of J&K. The state was ruled by Hindu King Maharaja Hari Singh when India got freedom in 1947. At that time, British Government had decided that 543 princely States, including Kashmir will not be forced to go with either India or Pakistan.

They were free to choose their fate. Buoyed by initial success of annexing some of these princely States into Union of India, Iron man Sardar Vallabhai patel tried to convince King of Himalayan State but it proved futile. Finally it was decided that Kashmir will maintain an independent entity for some time before Hari Singh will take some decision to move with any of two countries.

What Pakistan did after that, is the preamble of whole issue. Our neighbor country thought that if they will be able to ignite protest against King then they might come along with them.

Pakistan always supported proxy war to destabilize the State

With this cunning motive, Pakistan backed armed tribesmen invaded Kashmir. Seeing situation going out of hand, Maharaja pleaded help from the union of India. It was blessing in disguise for India which was looking for such an opportunity only. India put up a condition in quid pro quo of helping King that they will help only if Kashmir will be come along with India. Finally, King agreed and India sent its troop which drove away armed tribesmen from Kashmir.

But it was not permanent solution of the issue. As quoted by BBC, "When Lord Mountbatten, India's first Governor-General, accepted Kashmir's accession, he said it should eventually be "settled by a reference to the people". India's Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, also pledged a plebiscite or referendum for Kashmir under international auspices. This was later enshrined in UN Security Council resolutions".

Since then Pakistan has been supporting proxy war in Kashmir. Everyone knows how in nineties, Pakistan encouraged Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) to spearhead a violent movement in the State resulting into killing of thousands of Kashmiri pandits.

The Hindu Brahmins were forced to leave their home and it all happen at the behest of our neighbour country. Other terror organizations like Hizb-ul-Mujahideen and Lashkar-e-Taiba also being tacitly helped by Pakistan's ISI.

Will J & K sustain it's independent existence?

For the time being let's assume that Kashmir will become an independent Country on the line of Scotland, but in the presence of hawk eyed Pakistan, will the new country be able to maintain its existence for long.

Moreover, commoners of the State want to remain with the Union of India and big turnout( more than 60) in recent Lok Sabha poll is big proof of that. Separatists have their vested interests in pushing up this referendum agenda and that is why they keep on inciting people of the State.

It is pitiable that some innocent people fall victim of this propaganda of these so called well wishers of valley.

Kashmiri people needs growth and development and that could only be provided by stable and democratic country India. Pakistani Government can't afford the wholesome lives for their own people, how they will help these Kashmiris that can be well imagined.

Moreover, People of the State expressed their desire in recently held elections that they want to remain in India and it's is their motherland.

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