Who is responsible for poor Education System of India - Teachers or Government?

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Indian education system needs a complete overhaul.
They say, a sound education system is the foundation of sustained growth of a country. But what if the education system is full of loopholes and does not provide any quality. What if you have an ailing education system?

Poor state of education in India

Such is the state of education in our country that recently when former US President Bill Clinton paid visit to Lucknow, just to impress him a convent school student was made to sit in a primary school allegedly by the authorities. Not only this, there are many more incidents which raises questions over the education system in our country. Here are a few incidents which show that a complete overhaul of the education system is needed in India:

  • Convent student made to sit in primary school to ‘impress' Clinton

To impress Bill Clinton during his visit to Lucknow, a convent school student was reportedly made to sit in a primary school allegedly by the authorities.

According to a report published in a Hindi daily, a class eight student of a convent school was included in a group of students, who had to meet Clinton during his visit at a primary school in Jabrauli village on July 17.

  • Bihar teacher fails to name India's President, spells Apple as Apil

Kumari Anita, a teacher at a primary school in Dumri in Bankebazaar block had approached District Magistrate (DM) Sanjay Kumar Agrawal at his 'janata darbar' to request for a transfer to a school near her home. When the DM tried to test her general knowledge and asked about the

President Of India she wrote Pratibha Patil's name, and when asked about Bihar's Governor, she said Smriti Irani, who is the Human ResourceDevelopment Minister at present.

How can such teachers teach our children in a school?

This was not the first time that a school teacher has given such a poor show of knowledge. A few years ago, a primary school teacher was caught on camera telling students that there were 360 days in a year and that Patna - the capital of Bihar - was the Indian capital. She also spelt January as "Junuary", apple as "apil", Saturday as "Shatrdey" and education as "adukesun".

Among other issues like less qualified teachers and poor student-teacher ratio, teacher absenteeism, lack of basic infrastructure are responsible for degrading educational standards in the country. Lot many plans and policies like Right to Education Act in 2010 exist but heed is not paid to what these students are learning and who are teaching them? And most importantly how much knowledgeable are those (the teachers) who are imparting knowledge to pour teachers.

One of the biggest problems with the education system in India is that it focusses on cramming the textbook information and the best crammers are rewarded by the system.

Focus on skill based education is needed

The example -- "Give a man a fish and you feed him one day, teach him how to catch fishes and you feed him for a lifetime," is most suitable to tell how much important is the skill based education. The "Crammed Knowledge" is largely forgotten after the exams are over. Still our focus continues on the rote learning.

Our competitors China, Brazil etc have made education reform a priority but it seems in India it has not been on priority and thus, the new dispensation has a tough task ahead to come up with concrete measures to improve India's global ranking in education sector. 

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