ISIS, al Qaeda battle it out for a place in heaven

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It appears as though the al-Qaeda and the ISIS are not content about battling each other on land. They have taken their war to another planet now and the al-Qaeda feels that if the ISIS continues to be so brutal then they will have no place in Paradise.

"Easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than an ISIS fighter enter into paradise, " an al-Qaeda in-house magazine had stated. However the al-Qaeda magazine was specific in its statement and said that an entry into paradise would be denied if the ISIS continued to kill Muslims.

ISIS, al Qaeda battle it out for heaven

Paradise lost

The al-Qaeda has been one of the strongest opponents of the ISIS. While the al-Qaeda always has termed the ISIS as brutal, there is also a case of sour grapes attached to their stand.

The al-Qaeda has lost the most to the ISIS be in Iraq or Syria and the fact that they are unable to beat them has paved the way for such statements.

Paradise or the 70 odd virgins in heaven concept has been very often spoken about by Jihadis. An Ajmal Kasab too was roped in by the Lashkar-e-Tayiba to attack on 26/11 on the promise that he would get several virgins in heaven if he undertook the task.

The case of the al-Qaeda or the ISIS is no different and many do wage war with the hope that they would be welcomed with open arms in paradise.

However the al-Qaeda now has said that the ISIS if it continues with such brutality would never gain access to Paradise. It has said that while the military might of the ISIS is undeniable, if it continues with brutality against Muslim brothers then the gates of heaven are locked for them.

ISIS can be nothing but brutal

For the ISIS there are two aspects which have made it the powerful group that it is today. Firstly it thrives on brutality. While 6 out of the 10 brutality videos it puts up are fake, it has still worked wonders in their propaganda war.

The ISIS lives out a sadistic fantasy for many troubled youth across the world and hence brutality goes a long way in enhaNcing their image.

The killing of Shia Muslims has become its primary agenda. This has worked wonders for the group especially in Iraq. Believe it or note a large number of people in Iraq would support the ISIS since they feel they are battling against a Shia regime installed by the US.

The Shia regime after the fall of Saddam Hussain has been accused of sidelining the majority Sunnis in Iraq and this has helped the ISIS further its cause.

The fact of the matter is that if the ISIS listens to the al-Qaeda which has often advised them to be less brutal, then it would signal the fall of the outfit. However it is clear that the ISIS is in no mood to listen to anyone and would continue to do what it does- paradise or no paradise.

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