What is common between these most dreaded terrorists?

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What is common between Abu Bakr Al-Bhagdadi, Cherif Kouachi and Amedy Coulibaly barring the fact that they are all hardcore terrorists? All these three persons had served a jail term and let off after it was found that they were either reformed or not dangerous.

Wonder if the West does this on purpose or is it a sheer coincidence. Bhagdadi today leads the dreaded ISIS where as Cheriff and Amedy shocked the world with the attack at Charlie Hebdo and the hostage crisis that followed.


Abu Bakr Al-Bhagdadi:

Abu Bakr Al-Bhagdadi the self styled Caliph of the ISIS which has killed people mercilessly was in prison until he was let off by the US in 2009. He was in a dentention facility at the closed Camp Bucca near UMM Qasr in Iraq.

Prior to his arrest he was like any other soldier in Iraq fighting against the US. However he was one among the thousands who was granted amnesty by the Obama administration.

The US had said at that time, Bhagdadi was not dangerous. In a matter of five years he went on to become the world's most dangerous man. In 2014 the US even went on to state that at the time of release, Bhagdadi had said, " Ill see you guys in New York." Very Homeland like.

Cherif Kouachi:

This man shot down journalists mercilessly at Charlie Hebdo last week. He had all the signs of a radical and even at the time of his arrest few years back he had shown signs that he was a radical.

He was in fact arrested for trying to join a camp of the Al-Qaeda. He also confessed that he was trained along with others in Paris. However he stated that the training was minimal and involved just jogging and learning how to operate the Kalashnikov on paper.

His advocate pleaded to the court to take a reformative approach and the French court sentenced him to an 18 month term. He was out after that and what followed last week was for the world to see.

Amedy Coulibaly:

He was first booked for a theft at the age of 17. After doing time in jail, he went on to be associated with the drug mafia and later was also involved in a bank robbery.

He had in fact served a jail term twice. However during the trial of both the cases he showed no signs of any radicalisastion. However he came out and is said to have met with Cheriff at an Al-Qaeda camp.

Did jail change all these people?

None of these persons had shown any major signs of becoming international threats when they were taken into custody for the first time. Although in the case of Cheriff there was a terror link, he showed every sign of being reformed and hence was handed out a small sentence.

However what is common in the case of all these persons is that they went on to become such huge threats after their release.

It is said that jails have become radicalization centres. The jails of Europe are filled with jihadis who carry out recruitment drives in jail and also brainwash inmates.

The case appears to be the same for all these three persons. This leads us to asking the pertinent question are the jails safe any more?

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