What has the Enforcement Directorate found in Burdwan?

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What exactly has the Enforcement Directorate stumbled upon during its probe into the Burdhwan blasts? The ED which is probing the money trail into the Burdhwan modules on Thursday said that they have unearthed some bank accounts through which money was transferred.

With a raging debate on whether Saradha funds reached Burdwan, the ED had stumbled upon some evidence to show that some of the NGO's in Burdhwan were getting funds from Sudipto Sen.

Burdwan: ED probing money trail

The ED during its probe had found that one of the NGOs belonged to the wife of a politician from West Bengal.

An ED official told Oneindia that it is a deep rooted racket and funds have reached from many sources.

We suspect that the money that was being parked into these NGOs could have also been diverted into the Burdhwan modules. The direct connection between the NGOs pumping money into Burdhwan with Saradha funds is being explored and not ruled out the officer also informed.

NGOs played a vital role

Several NGOs have mushroomed in West Bengal over the past couple of years. Many of these NGOs which have been getting funds from Saradha are operated by influential leaders or their wives in West Bengal.

They have NGOs related to health care and rural development. NGOs have been the safest place to park funds. It may be recalled that an IB report too had indicated that even terrorist groups have found it easy to park funds in NGOs.

The same report had also suggested that several NGO's were also getting foreign funds in a bid to disrupt the economy and also peace of India.

ED conducted raids

The ED had conducted raids of these NGO's in West Bengal and had found that many of the transactions were suspect.
Funds were coming in from unknown sources and even leaving the NGO to suspect destinations. In some of the cases it was found that the NGO's were not carrying out their basic work but were more involved in safeguarding and also moving funds for Saradha.

Digging for evidence

The ED officials say that they are still in the process of joining the dots in this case. There is a lot of material and we need to coordinate with the other agencies before we can come to any conclusion. The officer also said that nothing at the moment can be ruled out. It appears to be inter-linked and we need the details of the probe from the CBI and also the NIA.

The ED had also registered a money laundering case in connection with the Burdhwan blasts. The case was registered after it had come to light that there were several illegal transfers that had taken place between some NGO's and the accused.

During the questioning of the accused it was revealed that they got funds from these NGOs. Moreover the NGOs had no concrete explanation to a lot of funds that they had received.

The ED will also be looking at the funding that was sent to some of the trusts in West Bengal. These trusts were allegedly set up by Sudipto Sen in a bid to park his ill gotten wealth.

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