UP riots engineered: Dear Rahul Gandhi, why this desperation to hog limelight?

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Rahul Gandhi
Days after showing his aggressive avatar in the Parliament, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi is once again in news. This time the Gandhi scion has garnered attention by saying that the frequent incidents of communal violence in Uttar Pradesh were "artificially engineered."

Rahul has said that the communal incidents in UP were a part of a deliberate strategy to divide the poor and pit brother against brother. The Amethi MP has not come up with any proof as to who are the perpetrators and only fanned controversy. But, a serious question arises as to what actually Rahul wanted to convey with his latest remark. Instead of working with the central as well as state governments to finding a solution to the problem of the society, Rahul is raking up the issue to gain political ground.

Rahul has done in the past

Even after the deadly Muzaffarnagar riots in Uttar Pradesh, the Gandhi scion, in an attempt to polarise vote banks, had come out in media saying that he was informed by intelligence agencies that victims of Muzaffarnagar riots were approached by ISI and members of dreaded terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba. The leader had to face a lot of criticism for his insensitive statement and as to how intelligence agency can share such critical information with a politician who is not even a minister?

Recent spate of events reflect Rahul’s insecurity

When the matter was picked up by the media and opposition, Rahul didn't even comment on this. Rahul's action was then criticised by the opposition as an attempt to polarise the vote bank, ahead of polls. Parties said that by doing this, Rahul attempted to show the ruling Samajwadi Party and opposition BJP as sponsoring the riots.

Rahul does an AAP

With his latest remark, without having any evidence to substantiate his claims, Rahul has done what the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi does. Every now and then, AAP leaders are heard making baseless claims that they are being threatened and lured by opposition parties to dissociate from their party join them. But, the party that constantly pitches for doing sting of corrupt people never comes out with a proof to support its claims. Rahul, after the loss of Delhi Assembly polls in December last admitted that he needs to learn from AAP, has taken this lesson from the party.

What is Rahul trying to prove?

One will believe him only after he comes out with a valid proof on whatever he says. The leader hardly comes up with any evidence to support his allegation. Actions like these could be considered as nothing but an attempt to continue remaining in limelight.

It is time Rahul must improve his and Congress's credibility. Such acts of desperation will do no good to the party which is trying to rise from the ruins. To restore public faith in it, the party must try to act as a constructive opposition and send positive signals to the common man.

The Samajwadi Party and the BJP outrightly criticised Rahul for his statement and should also rise from political mudslinging. This blame-game politics is leading these parties nowhere.

The BJP being a ruling party at Centre must send the message down the partylines that it would not tolerate any such acts from its men.

Though junior Gandhi was ridiculed for his knee-jerk reaction, but one question is very much valid is why communal riots are happening at first place. The BJP needs to send out message loud and clear to all its ground workers that don't ever use power as license for any type of misdemeanor.

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