Tomatoes @Rs 70/kg, Achche Din remains a distant dream

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The achche din as promised ahead of Lok Sabha election still remains a distant dream with prices of essential commodities like tomato touching to almost Rs 70 per kg in the national capital. The rise in prices of tomatoes is due to shortage in supply due to less rainfall in the tomato growing States and torrential rains in certain areas in a short span of time. Earlier, it was onion prices which brought tears in the eyes of the household and now it is the sky-rocketing price of tomatoes which have jumped to two and a half year high due to shortage that is expected to last till September.

Wholesale rates of tomatoes are currently five times higher than levels at the same time last year at Maharashtra's Lasalgoan, the Asia's biggest wholesale market. The surge is price of tomatoes have not only made difficult for the households but also eating outside has prove to an expensive affair.

Already tussling with inflation woes, sky-rocketing price of tomatoes have severely effected the households.

Tomato prices in Bhopal has touched roof top at Rs 85 per kg

"It is difficult to keep household budget under control as prices of essential vegetables and fruits are constantly rising. Yesterday, i bought tomatoes of Rs 70 per kg. We can't avoid eating essential commodities like potato, onion, tomato which are used in every dishes. We had lot of expectations from the Modi Government to curb inflation but little has changed since he came to power. Where is Achche din? "asks Jasmeet, a homemaker who lives in south Delhi.

According to traders at Azadpur Mandi, tomato prices in the wholesale market have risen to Rs 70 per kg. "Supplies of tomatoes are under stress as the crop from nearby areas in Haryana have exhausted. Currently the supplies are coming mainly from Naryangaon in Maharashtra," Mother Dairy's Fruit and Vegetable Business Head Pradipta Sahoo told PTI.

Lack of storage facility one of the key reason for price rise

Tomato is a perishable commodity and storage facility like refrigeration can only help in preserving their stock. The rise in price of tomatoes is mainly due to shortage in supply as majority of the stocks gets perished due to lack of storage facility. Also a major proportion of tomatoes get wasted in transportation.

"There has been substantial drop in supplies of tomato from Himachal Pradesh, which is the main supplier to the National Capital Region," Mother Dairy's Fruit and Vegetable Business Head Pradipta Sahoo told PTI.

Anticipation of drought

The anticipation of drought like situation in various parts of the country have also led to surge in prices. Production of tomatoes requires large amount of water and in case of less rainfall, the supply is likely to be effected.

"In case of drought, production of tomatoes is estimated to be lower as it requires large amounts of water. Prices may remain high in the national capital as supplies from all the adjoining northern States have been exhausted." said general secretary, Tomato Merchants Association at Azadpur Mandi, New Delhi, Subhash Chuk.

Tomato @Rs 85 per kg in Bhopal

Meanwhile, tomato prices in Bhopal has touched roof top at Rs 85 per kg mainly due to delay in monsoon. "In the months of June and July, six to eight trucks of tomatoes were supplied in Bhopal, but delay in monsoon followed by incessant rainfall resulted in the drop of supply by 25 %", says national horticulture board.


The Government have done enough to curb hoarding of essential commodities like onion, potato and tomato which helped in easing of inflation rate. But the sky-rocketing prices of tomato will further raise inflation rate which will be a challenge infront of Narendra Modi Government who promised Achche Din in his manifesto.

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