Things to know about India's MTCR membership

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Not just a diplomatic victory, joining the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) means a lot more than that for India. The NSG bid was stubbled by the diplomatic efforts of Pakistan and China, but not this. Consider it a blessing in disguise, as neither of the above-mentioned countries are a member of the same. India can now do what it does best---enhance its space missions and explore the full potential of the Make in India program.

Established to check the proliferation of missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that are capable of carrying weapons of mass destruction, the committee has a group of 35 countries that are not bound rules and obligations as in NSG.


All that the nations are required to do is coordinate streamline individual national export licensing policies toward a single common export policy that regulates the sale of any such systems or sub-systems.

Things to know about MTCR

1. An appropriate export policy for items covered by the MTCR will enable a negotiation to ensure that the sale of any such systems to India will not lead to further proliferation.

2. India's intentions of joining the MTCR got a boost after it agreed to join the Hague Code of Conduct. The Hague Code of Conduct deals with the ballistic missile non-proliferation arrangement, earlier this month.

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3. BrahMos can now go under the hammer. Created jointly by India and Russia, th eproduct can now be sold to countries like Vietnam. The operational range of the missile meets with the threshold that the committee concerns itself with.

4. India was denied the cryogenic engine technology during the Cold War. Now, it can have access to high-end technologies from other parts of the world that will enable it to enhance space exploration.

5. India can now procure technologies to develop its own Ballistic Missile System or missile shield to protect itself from incoming ballistic missiles.

6. India's membership to the MTCR was blocked by Italy till 2015, which can be a response to the arrest of the Italian mariners. However, with the return of the second marine-Salvatore Girone to Rome on May 29, Italian sources said: "Italy is no longer blocking the consensus."

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7. Surveillance drones from countries like US can also be bought.

8. Indian technology, developed under the 'Make in India' program, can be freedy transported, which in turn will contribute to the success of the program.

9. India will now have an upper hand over Pakistan and China and resist their joining if they intend to do so.

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