Interview: Tamil Nadu verdict will surprise pollsters, says BJP spokesperson G V L Narasimha Rao

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Tamil Nadu has been a state which is known to throw up a lot of surprises. Many feel that the results this time around too would throw up a surprise and no party would be able to form a government without the help of the smaller parties.

The BJP hopes that it would be a player in the formation of the government.

 G V L Narasimha Rao

It is a fact that out of the all the state that go to polls, the BJP has the highest presence on the social media where Tamil Nadu is concerned.

This time around the Tamil Nadu elections will be used as a stepping stone for the BJP for the future says, the party's spokesperson, G V L Narasimha Rao. In this interview with OneIndia, Rao says that currently the party is focusing heavily on 70 urban seats in the state and hopes to make a difference.

Was an alliance with the AIDMK a reality at any time?

I do not think there were any serious discussions on this front.

The BJP has a huge social media presence in Tamil Nadu. Does this help?

Off all the states the BJP has the highest social media presence in Tamil Nadu. Somehow Tamil Nadu vibes very well with the BJP where the social media is concerned.

We feel that the social media will help the BJP reach out to the younger and the first time voter in Tamil Nadu. We hope that this would translate over a time into a widened support base.

Are there any winnable seats for the BJP in Tamil Nadu?

The party has identified 70 odd urban seats and we are trying to convert them into winnable seats. I think a concentrated effort would be made in those seats.

Our endeavour would be to widen our vote share and focus on seats where we have a realistic or some chance of winning or being a player in the event of hung assembly.

How does the BJP see its prospects in Tamil Nadu?

This election would be a stepping stone for the future for sure. Many in Tamil Nadu feel alienated from Dravidian politics. The BJP would try and emerge as the conscience keeper in Tamil Nadu.

The DMK- Congress is highly discredited while the AIDMK too faces the same issue due to corruption. The BJP will look to clean up the mess in Tamil Nadu.

Who will win Tamil Nadu?

I do not want to make any predictions. But I would want to say that Tamil Nadu will throw up a surprise. In case of a hung verdict the smaller players will become important.

Tamil Nadu has in the past too surprised the media and pollsters.

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