Tweeting since 2011, 'ShamiWitness' found Iran a bigger threat than Israel

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@shamiwitness, the Twitter account run by Mehdi Masroor Biswas was one of the many running accounts for the ISIS. His account was opened on November 2011 and he started off by tweeting about Syria.

He was an ideological nut case who did not associate himself directly with the ISIS. He just tweeted and propagated for the love of the cause. [ISIS Twitter handle operated from Bengaluru]


Iran more dangerous than Israel

His fondness for the ISIS grew when they began their battle in Syria. He had often tweeted about the hatred for the Assad regime and his one post which caused ripples was regarding Iran. He said that he considered Iran a bigger danger to the Sunnis across the world when compared to Israel. [Bengaluru man who handled ISIS's Twitter account worked in a food company]

Well networked

Mehdi had a well connected online network. Most of the interactions were with the British who supported the ISIS. A blog by Aymann al Tamimi who is an Oxford student had even mentioned Shami witness on his blog. [Bengaluru man handling ISIS Twitter account hails from Bengal]

His tweets were in depth according to his accomplices who felt that he understood the subject very well. He wrote and shared a lot of his views with his online friends and most of the discussions pertained to the ISIS who he very often termed as Syrian revolutionaries. Over a period of time he became an asset for the ISIS who felt that he was one of their best voices on the internet.

A student of technology

Following the news break a lot of information regarding Mehdi has been deleted. All the accounts that he had were deleted by him after his cover was blown.

He was a student of the West Bengal Institute of Technlogy. He is said to have come to Bangalore almost two years back after he was offered a job. He stayed independent, read a lot and began tweeting in favour of the ISIS in 2011.

When he commenced his tweeting in 2011, he had just 1,200 followers. However his messages were extremely powerful and in a short span of time his follower count rose to 17,700 before he decided to shut down his account.

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