Search of greener pastures: Why former AAP leader Shazia Ilmi is mulling to join Congress now

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Shazia Ilmi
In search of greener pastures, former Aam Aadmi Party leader Shazia Ilmi is contemplating to join Congress now. Ilmi had resigned the fledgling party AAP in May this year, alleging that there is no democracy in the party at all. The Journalist turned leader had also accused that she was constantly sidelined by the top party leaders.

"For four years I fought like an obedient soldier but now I have been systematically marginalised because I offer a voice of dissent and constructive criticism," Ilmi had said while announcing her resignation in press conference.

The sources say, that after her failed stint in AAP, Ilmi is toying with the idea of joining Congress party to give a fillip to her political career. She is in constant touch with Congress leaders and most likely will join the Dynasty party any time before Delhi Assembly election. Though Congress leaders have neither confirmed nor rejected the report but then there can't be any fire without fuel.

Her stint in AAP
Shazia Ilmi tried hard but lost Delhi Assembly election from R K Puram seat on AAP ticket. She wished to fight Lok Sabha election from any of the seats of Delhi but was pushed to Ghaziabad. She fought against BJP candidate, former Army chief VK Singh but failed to secure victory.

She had to swallow her pride in Lok Sabha poll. Her humiliating defeat could be gauged from the fact that journalist turned politician couldn't even save her deposits in parliamentary election.

Disillusioned and exhausted, Ilmi finally quit the party just after Lok Sabha result. Though she cited ‘no internal democracy' the main reason for her leaving the party but truth of the matter is she anticipated no future of hers in party which was losing its sheen day by day.

A recent report of Hindu said that she may rejoin AAP after she was approached by some of party leaders. A unanimous resolution, appealing her to come back was recently passed by party's national executive. Former AAP leader rejected any such report and said that no one has asked me to join party again.

Political lineage
Shazia Ilmi is a television journalist cum social activist cum politician. Before joining politics, where she had series of controversies to her credit, Ilmi worked in TV industry continuously for 15 years.

She was anchor at the Star news channel before turning into the role of social activist through Anna Hazare's India against corruption movement.

She was spokesperson for the campaign (2011-12) which shot her to fame. She has her political lineage as one of her uncle is the member of Legislative Assembly in Uttar Pradesh Government.

Then her sister is married to Arif Mohammed Khan who is in Bahujan Samaj Party at present but known as a supporter of Indian National Congress. Politically her family is considered, closest to congress than any other party.

Shazia Ilmi-A Controversial child
During Delhi assembly election, Ilmi faced controversy when she along with other party leader Kumar Vishwas was seen charging money in exchange of favour, in one of the sting operation. The long list of controversies not ends here.

She raked up another controversy through a video where she was seen sitting with couple of Muslims leaders. In the video, she was exhorting Muslims to become communal.

"Musalmaan apno ko nahi deta vote. Arvind Kejriwal aapke apne hai. Aap log itna secular na hoiye, apne ghar ka dekhiye iss baar. Baaki partiyon toh nahi karta, unka bandha hua vote hai. Apna fayeda dekhiye, controversial baat hai lekin zaroori baat hai (Muslims don't vote for their own community. Arvind Kejriwal is one of your own. You all should not be so secular, look after your own home. Other parties have fixed votes. Look after your own interests. This is controversial but necessary)," Ilmi said in the video according to Zee news.

Though Time will tell whether Ilmi will join Congress or not. But if she will join Congress, then it will be interesting to see how she will fare in coming election. Will her fate change in coming day?

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