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Saradha-Burdwan blast link: Can Mamata Banerjee ignore her own state police report?

By Oneindia Staff Writer
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Mamata Banerjee has accused the centre of stage managing the Saradha and Burdwan cases as it being investigated by agencies which report to the state government.

Now what happens when the West Bengal police and the District Intelligence Bureau (IB) which are under the control of the state administration accuse TMC MP of stage managing violence? [Saradha chit fund scam, nightmare for WB CM, TMC leader Mamata Banerjee: Explained]

Mamata Banerjee

The state agencies in West Bengal had red flagged Ahmed Hassan Imran after it was found that he was instigating people to indulge in rioting. However, a year later that warning was thrown into the dust bin and Mamata rewarded this man by making him a Rajya Sabha MP.

The letter:

In the month of Feb 2013, the District Intelligence Bureau (IB), which is under the state government, had written to the police chief of West Bengal speaking about the antecedents of Ahmed Hassan Imran.

It was clearly stated that he instigated youth to burn down huts at the Naliakhali village in West Bengal. This led to a major communal violence.

The District IB, which was looking into the matter, clearly found Imran to be behind this incident. The note also stated that Imran had told the youth to attack with bombs and fire arms. The ruckus that followed was beyond imagination.


However, exactly a year later, the TMC boss, Mamata Banerjee decided to go ahead and make him a Rajya Sabha MP. Not one but several reports from the Central Intelligence Bureau and also from the Bangladesh agencies were put forth before the West Bengal government. [Burdwan blast: How Saradha funds helped to carry out terror module revealed]

All the reports blamed him for instigating violence and also supporting the Jamaat-e-Islami which has been carrying out a terror campaign in Bangladesh.

India's IB even said that he had helped the Jamaat regroup in India, Bangladesh on the other hand pointed out that he was responsible for the anti Bangladesh protests carried out in West Bengal.

All those Jamaat members, who were chased down, were given shelter in West Bengal with the support of Imran. Mamata, however, threw these reports into the dust bin and went ahead and made him a Rajya Sabha member much to the shock of a nation.

Why is Imran important?

Ahmed Imran is probably a game changer for the TMC. West Bengal is notorious for infiltrations and the issue just does not end here. All infiltrators are in fact welcomed with voter identification cards today they constitute 25 per cent of the vote bank in West Bengal alone.

Moreover, if one looks at the voting pattern it has been seen that these voters are several times more loyal than the genuine Indian voters. They be in any part of India, but will seek leave from their employers and rush to West Bengal to cast their vote at the time of elections.

These infiltrators say that at any cost they have to vote and if they fail to do so, their voter identification cards will be taken away and they will be sent to Bangladesh.

These persons would do anything to stay on in India and earn that Rs 100 wage per day. Back in Bangladesh there is no such opportunity and if they return there is every possibility of them starving.

Ahmed Imran who owes allegiance to the Jamaat and also the SIMI controls almost 23 per cent of this vote bank. It is the Jamaat and the SIMI which help these infiltrators with documents as they are hand in glove with any government that is in power in West Bengal.

Game changer:

Imran is without a doubt a game changer for the TMC. He has control over this vote bank of 25 per cent. These persons who vote are threatened by such persons with either dire consequences or being sent back to Bangladesh where they will not be able to even earn Rs 10 per day.

These persons come out and vote only for the sake of protection. The Jamaat and the SIMI are deeply infested into large parts of West Bengal and control a large part of this vote bank which is a game changer for any political party in West Bengal.

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