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Salman Khan drama: It's confirmed! India is a plutocracy

By Shubham
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The Salman Khan hit-and-run episode has in a sense revolutionized India's media coverage. The excessive focus on the issue, which ultimately saw nothing drastic happening, was even reported by the foreign media and saw reactions in social medium platforms.

"Is the coverage too much?", "Is Salman Khan a martyr?" were some of the questions doing the rounds.

With changing times, Bollywood too has changed

The excessive action certainly resulted in a fatigue. But away from the apparent show of a 'disappointing' delivery of justice, one more thing is confirmed. That India, after almost 68 years of independence today, is a plutocracy. Ask the media, the celebrity and the common man. All will arrive at a consensus irrespective of their positions in the society.


Once an alternative to reality, super-rich Bollywood represents the new reality of India

Bollywood has always been an alternative that a struggling India found solace in. In the era of the closed economy, it was Bollywood films that in a way reflected the mood of the nation, whether the Nehruvian peace or Indira-time chaos. Amitabh Bachchan was extremely popular for he was the biggest anti-establishment symbol of the 1970s and 1980s when India was stifled by the clutches of closed economy.

The country prayed for Bachchan because he symbolised hope for the hapless

When Bachchan was gravely injured during a film shooting in the early 1980s, the entire country prayed hard for him because of his messianic stature. But Bollywood was, at the end of the day, a stage where the have-nots found a shelter to sleep under.

In 2015, Salman Khan case symbolises that India cares little for the poor

Forwarding to 2015, the scenario has undergone a sea-change. In the era of globalisation when India has been unleashed as a massive force, Bollywood no more symbolises the likes of Raj Kapoor or Amitabh Bachchan of those days.

The great solidarity for Salman Khan even after his conviction

When a Salman Khan lands in a legal trouble today for running over the poor sleeping on the footpath, the entire Bollywood and a section of the globalisation-enlightened Indians stand by him, besides of course the elitist media. The supporters celebrate when the actor gets a relief with youngsters even uttering: "Jumme Ki Raat Hain." It's a Friday and Salman Khan is released.

Abhijeet, Farah Ali Khan, celebrating public speak about India's new sense of justice

The 24X7 focus of the media, the boundless celebration on the streets and the side roles played by people like Abhijeet and Farah Ali Khan in the non-stop drama show that far from the days between the 1950s to 1980s, India's sense of justice has assumed a new meaning.

The law had Salman in the coffin but failed to find the nails: Not a worry for us?

The overdose of media sensationalism has eclipsed the common Indian's capacity of judging situations and individuals and just like Newton's Third Formula, the public reaction gets overstretched because the media overdoes it every time. It is a matter of concern that the law failed to find the nails even after having the actor in the coffin but there is no reason to highlight it to a point of overt celebrations.

It's confirmed: India is a plutocracy

Far from the days when Amitabh Bachchan did those roles of angry young men deprived or mistreated by the system, we have today confirmed our existence as a plutocracy where the rich and the famous are the new untouchables. And we are enjoying this change of our identity without any iota of worry.

Welcome to the India of the second decade of the 21st century.

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