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Salman Khan, Abhijeet, etc etc: Has the mainstream media spoken about Kawasi Hidme?

By Shubham
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An actor has been in news across the country for running his car over hapless pavement dwellers almost 13 years ago. Another singer also stole the limelight by making crass remarks while defending the actor after the latter was convicted by a sessions court in Mumbai on Wednesday. [Arrested as 'Maoists', the women who fought the gender war]

Are Salman Khan, Abhijeet most important news-makers in this country?

The celebrity, however, got a bail by the end of the day and the mainstream media continued to celebrate his stardom.


The insensitive singer, who blamed the pavement dwellers for their plight and not the actor who was driving under the influence of alcohol, was also slammed left, right and centre. All in all, it was a colourful celebration of delayed justice in India.

Can our mainstream media spare some thought for Kawasi Hidme?

Our mainstream media covers such farcical justice system in this country that takes ages even to get things in order with great intensity and makes a guilty look like a martyr. But when it comes to people like Kawasi Hidme, a tribal woman from Chhattisgarh who was arrested seven years ago on charges of being involved in the killing of 23 policemen.

Kawasi, now 24, was accused as a Maoist member and got acquitted recently after a court in Dantewada found her to be innocent.

The tribal woman, who lost her parents as a child, assisted her widowed aunt in tilling a small piece of land and sell Mahua (a local alcohol) in the market. She, like others of her age, went to occasional village fairs with enthusiasm and bought colourful bangles and other items which were otherwise unavailable in the local market. [Read this article]

Kawasi Hidme's tale of horror

In January 2008, Kawasi went to a fair in Ramram village where she enjoyed with her aunt and friends but she didn't have an idea of what was waiting for her that changed the course of her life. Kawasi was grabbed by policemen at the fair and dragged to the police station.

For the next three months, Kawasi was subjected to police atrocities in one station after another and almost met death.

The policemen were apprehensive that she might die in the police station as that could lead to a major problem and the police made all the legal moves to prove her to be a criminal.

Extreme torture left Kawasi almost dead

She was charged under several sections of the IPC and the Arms Act. The physical torture also took its toll as one day Kawasi saw her uterus getting ejected from the body. The profuse bleeding horrified her and she somehow managed to put her flesh back into the body! She even tried to cut off her uterus but it was the timely intervention of her prison inmates that she was saved and she was sent to the hospital for treatment.

Sympathetic lawyers and activists helped Kawasi: Did any news studio call her?

Today, Kawasi's legal plight has ended after tribal activist Soni Sori and sympathetic lawyers stood by her but nobody can return her the seven lost years of her life and a sound mind.

The prolonged atrocities has taken a severe toll on Kawasi's mind as well as she often goes to depression. Her body is exhausted at the age of 24 and she said she can't even think of marrying with such a health.

How much coverage does the tribal women's plight gets in mainstream media?

Doesn't our country's mainstream media think people like Kawasi and several other tribal women who face such atrocities day after day worthy to be covered? Even the Leftist forces of the country don't feel to focus on these issues even when facing extinction.

It doesn't matter now whether Salman Khan gets jail or not for our law always struggles to get the super-rich under its influence. But why not spare some thought for those invisible people who are fighting to get justice everyday at remote corners of the land?

We can still do something for them.

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