Rare stories: When Kashmir floods brought out the good in criminals

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Rare stories: When Kashmir floods brought out the good in criminals
Srinagar, Sept 23: The recent floods in Jammu and Kashmir was a testing time for the local residents. Along with the stories of despair, loss and death, many tales of goodness have also been coming out of the valley.

Among them, is the story of how a notorious criminal in Srinagar risked his life many times to save lives of policemen in the floods. Another thief, who was on the run until the floods, joined the police team in rescue operations. He even used his 'professional skills' to save a family stuck on the top of a building.

A TOI report says that policemen and undertrials at Shaheed Gunj police lock-up spent four days on the rooftop when the police station was submerged in flood water.

The report also quotes a policeman who says that Fayaz, a notorious criminal, jumped into the raging flood waters several times to save lives of policemen, without fearing for his own life.

When the police team was wondering how to reach the top of a house to save a family stuck inside, a thief showed them the way. He used 'professional skills' - a trick of hammering in long nails into the wooden facade of the building - and climbed using ropes to reach the top and saved the family.

The report says that of Srinagar's 6,000 policemen only about 10 were in touch with each other as communication systems broke down. "Only 10 wireless sets were working, one of which was with the CM," said a police officer. 

Another police officer, during the rescue operations, realised that the man who was helping him get people out of the flood water, was a criminal he had charged under public safety act, says the TOI report.

Earlier, the police had found grenades from him and had sent him to prison. During the floods, the criminal invited the policeman to his home for a tea.

Crisis times bring out goodness in people, isn't it?

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