Rahul vows to take Congress forward, okay but how?

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Congress General Secretary Janardhan Dwivedi on Sunday said that the party lost the assembly polls because of organisational weaknesses. He also said that the health of the central government was not okay although backed the statement by adding that party vice-president Rahul Gandhi is in no hurry to become the prime minister.

Dwivedi said the Lok Sabha election is not a battle between two individuals but rather between parties.
Other sources in the party also hinted at a big announcement coming in the party after the debacle. Around 5 pm, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi vowed to bring changes in the party in a way that would bring it closer to the common men.

If the dots are joined, the picture that emerges is the anointment of Rahul Gandhi as the face of the grand-old-man party. But how far is that step going to help the Congress at this point of time?
Not much. Rahul Gandhi hasn't succeeded in boosting his party's prospects since the 2009 Lok Sabha polls in Uttar Pradesh. The party's hopes on him were dashed in the 2012 assembly polls in the same state where another young leader in Akhilesh Yadav stole the show.

The Congress has lost in states like Punjab, Bihar, Gujarat, Tripura and now this massive debacle. Can Rahul Gandhi be reliable enough to overhaul a demoralised party now, and that too just six months ahead of the next Lok Sabha elections?

The problem with the Congress is that it is too much concerned about the change at the top, thinking whether another Gandhi would take up the reins of power. Such thinking is not fit to take the party forward at any cost. Rahul Gandhi admitted that the AAP has involved more people than many other traditional parties, an observation that sufficiently indicates where the Congress is falling back.

1-year-old AAP has left 128-year-old Congress in a shambles in Delhi

The Congress looks down and almost out now. It is paying off for sitting idle and expecting that problems would take care of themselves. It allowed Narendra Modi to gather a momentum even while trying to outsmart him.

There was no policy whatsoever, be it at the administrative or political level. Rahul Gandhi's call for reviving the party in a hard way sound superficial for it is impossible for one individual to revive an entire national outfit. Rahul Gandhi's work for the organisation so far has meant trying to innovate ticket-distribution scheme for the polls and putting up a moral standard. Is that enough?

The Congress which had once fought for India's nationalism was not an organisation which was prepared by one individual and it was a social coalition held together by a common ideology and will to succeed. The Congress of today is a left-over organisation, which was put to test by individual and family-centric politics and has no link with the roots whatsoever. For the Gandhis, it might be just another routine failure but for the party which had once a glorious past, it is a massive tragedy.

This is December. The Congress is about to complete 128 years. Its decline has reached such a state that leave aside the BJP, even a one-year-old Aam Aadmi Party is toying with its prospects. What next for the Congress for here? The question is bound to scare some people.

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