Office of profit: Kejriwal is upset because his political credentials are under threat

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Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal is a danger to democratic stability and it doesn't matter whether he is vocal or silent.

While his everyday tamasha during the 49-day stint in power in 2013-14 gave the Capital an instability, his comparatively quieter second stint since February 2015 has also started creating possibility of another mid-term debacle, thanks to the president's rejecting a bill passed by the Delhi Assembly to exempt 21 AAP legislators appoined as parliamentary secretaries from the 'office of profit' rule (Section 15 of the government of NCT of Delhi Act, 1991). [AAP's dual office bill withheld by President of India]

The decision by President Pranab Mukherjee has given Kejriwal a major setback and leaves 21 AAP MLAs in a danger of getting disqualified.


The fate of the MLAs will now be decided by the Election Commission which is considering a petition demanding their disqualification. Sources in the home ministry said applying exemptions with retrospective effect flouts the constitutional validity. They also said the law was clear and what makes up an "office of profit" and what doesn't should be decided before. [AAP's dual office bill rejected after legal opinion was sought: Officials]

Chances of another mid-term poll make Kejriwal worried

Delhi could be headed for a mid-term poll after the EC completes its proceedings on a petition seeking the MLAs' disqualification. And therein lies Kejriwal's biggest worry.

If BJP and Congress regain lost ground in Delhi, Kejriwal's Mission 2019 will receive a blow

It is not that Kejriwal's government will fall if elections take place again for the AAP has a brute majority of 67 out of 70 Assembly seats. A reduction of 21 seats will still see it having the majority. But holding a mid-term election now would be seen as a referendum on the AAP government and if it fails to win those 21 seats again, the result will be seen as a political adversity for Kejriwal who is slowly preparing for the 2019 showdown with Modi on the national stage.

A mini election will also give the BJP (currently with three MLAs) and Congress (none) opportunities to regain some lost ground. Kejriwal will be the last man to want something like that but as of now, he has none but himself to blame at the moment.

Kejriwal is trying to divert attention by targeting the Centre on the issue

Another possible mini-election in near future will mean Delhi will see its third election in less than five years and that will be enough to convey a negative message about Kejriwal. The man has not been able to conduct the task of governance effeiciently till now and has engaged more in tussles with other post-holders to show to the world that he is always right.

AAP's hit-and-run leadership

The AAP, has a party, has a bright prospect because it fits itself well into the imagination of India's growing middle-class which doesn't approve of the BJP's Hindutva-leaning ideology. But the party's biggest disadvantage is its top leadership which exhibits a tendency of urban Naxalism. It believes in an hit-and-run ideology backed by populist exercise to live another day.

A party just can't hope to prosper in elections without actually doing something constructive in between. As far as the AAP is concerned, it is not even ready to abide by the laws.

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