Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi is the Imam of Jihadis against India

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It is his passion for Jihad against India that makes him such an important player for Pakistan. Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi the key accused in the 26/11 attack was granted bail, detained, released and detained again. [26/11 accused Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi detained again]

This is clearly not a sign of seriousness on the part of Pakistan which in reality has no intent what so ever to keep Lakhvi in jail, try and convict him. The question which we would like to raise yet again is what makes him so important other than the fact that he can lead the Lashkar-e-Tayiba like no one else does. [BJP, Congress slam Pakistan over Lakhvi's release]


The most passionate jihadi:

He is without a doubt the most passionate jihadi in Pakistan. When it comes to a passion to attack there is none more lethal than Lakhvi is what every analyst that we spoke to would say.

Unlike a Hafiz Saeed who can preach sermons against India, Lakhvi is a field man. He is not a great planner, but what he brings to the Lashkar is that element of passion.

The manner in which he commands his forces and speaks about his passion to wage war against India has been a major draw for the Lashkar. The cadres love and respect him and they fought the fiercest of battles against India when Lakhvi was in command.

The imam of Jihadis:

In Pakistan he is known as the imam of Jihadis. He has put his family on the battle field and every person in the Lashkar is in awe of him for this. His two sons, Abu Qasim and Abu Qatal died fighting in Kashmir against the Indian army.

He had also instructed his wife not to lose heart after they lost their sons. In fact he instructed her to run a camp for those widows who had lost their husbands fighting in Kashmir.

These are the factors that have added to his reputation and hence is considered to be the most passionate jihadi of Pakistan. Even the Pakistan establishment realizes this and hence have very reluctantly kept him behind bars.

Devil and deep sea:

It is very clear that Pakistan has not detained him once again out of choice. They are clearly pressurized by both India and the West to keep Lakhvi behind bars.

The fact that the trial against him is not moving at all and also the fear among the judges to hear his case is a testimony of how powerful Lakhvi is in Pakistan.

Pakistan is clearly confused about this issue. There is a great deal of uneasiness among the Lashkar cadres as was seen prior to the 26/11 attack. They are clearly missing Lakhvi leading them and this could well lead to the Lashkar spinning out of control.

For Pakistan the Lashkar spinning out of control is something that they cannot afford. After all it is the unofficial wing of their army which fights every proxy war for them. Moreover the Lashkar has always remained loyal to the ISI and Pakistan would like to continue this relationship at any cost.

Lakhvi against India:

Some of his statements against India are a clear indicator of why he is loved so much in Paksitan. He had said that his primary agenda was the destruction of India. He also said that the entire network of the Lashkar would be extended into India.

He was the same one who said before the Kargil war that a war against India was on the cards. He said that it was time to prepare for the disintegration of India.

Apart from this he has also threatened a major strike in New Delhi apart from swearing to liberate Kashmir and then Hyderabad.

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