Kejriwal is silent on Bihar teenager murder; 'anti-Modi' alliance of 2019 the reason?

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The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is a strange political outfit. First of all, its chief Arvind Kejriwal, also the chief minister of Delhi, seems to be the soul of this party---something which is not healthy in the life of a political party. It's only Kejriwal who decides the agenda of the party and everybody follows suit. The non-conformists are just left out. [Forget Modi's degrees, Kejriwal's gameplan is something else]

The second strange characteristic of the AAP is that though it is a party which is believed to have grown bottom up and also bears the name 'common man's party', its top leadership is more busy chasing its own selfish gains and that is to emerge at the top by 2019.

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For achieving that target, Kejriwal has conveniently found Prime Minister Narendra Modi who he can continuously attack for every second reason just to stay relevant in the media as a viable alternative. [Dear Kejriwal, how does Modi's educational qualifications matter?]

With 'Project Rahul Gandhi' not delivering on the expected lines, it is an open ground for Kejriwal to dribble around.

AAP: A project of a ruthlessly ambitious individual 

These strange aspects of the AAP makes it look more a congregation of individuals led by a ruthlessly ambitious individual than a real party of the commoners. The paradox is so shocking that one feels to ask Kejriwal whether he still thinks himself as a fund-seeking activist, despite being the chief minister of a state.

If Kejriwal is so worried to replace Modi by the end of the year 2019, why doesn't he prove his track record as a leader to be better than the latter? The AAP convenor, who claims to be the leader of the common man's party, was not tweeting about the shocking murder of a 19-year-old by the son of a JD(U) politician in Bihar last week.

The 'common man's leader' did not bother about a shocking murder of an innocent boy

The youth was shot just because he had overtaken the son of the MLC---an instance which is bound to shatter any logical individual's conscience. But Kejriwal, the leader of the common man, did not feel bother to speak on that even though we have seen him saying something or the other on issues that occur beyond the limits of Delhi.

PM's degrees, stoking fire in AgustaWestland, feeling happy about Uttarakhand floor test: Kejriwal's concerns are calculated

While the man was busy planning on how to expose Modi's educational qualifications and felt extremely happy that the BJP's plan in Uttarakhand failed to deliver or stoking fire in the AgustaWestland fiasco, he also expressed a lot of concern for the drought condition in Latur in Maharashtra and even praised his No. 1 enemy Modi for sending a train carrying 5 lakh litres of water. But on the death of a teenager, Kejriwal had no time to spare a thought.

Kejriwal's 2019 dream will need the Nitish Kumars and Lalu Prasads

Did Kejriwal decide to forget the common man (hoping that common man is not just a resident of Delhi which voted him to power in February 2015) in Bihar because he has a big stake in cementing ties with the likes of Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad---both of who are jointly in power in the eastern state now---to facilitate his 2019 dream?

Corruption? What is that?

Last year, Kejriwal was seen hugging RJD chief Lalu, a convicted politician, after the Grand Alliance defeated Modi in the Bihar election. It looks he has already dumped his crusade against corruption, something which made him a hero in the India of 2010s and if that is no matter for the AAP convenor, ditching the common man amounts to almost nothing.

If ideology is dead for a man, it is fully dead.

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