J & K floods: Why 'angry young man' Rahul Gandhi yet not visited ill-fated State

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Rahul gandhi
Kashmir is really facing worst humanitarian crisis as flood has taken lives of more than 200 people and damaged thousands of houses in the State . The grim situation can be gauged by the fact that total 3000 villages have been affected by floods and out of that 390 are totally cut off from the rest of the state.

Everyone, right from Modi government, to Army, then Indian Air Force (IAF) and the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) all are putting their best of efforts in providing relief and rescue operations to the victims.

Eight days have passed since natural disaster hit the State, but surprisingly, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has yet not visited the ill-fated State.

Questioned PM for enjoying drum beats in Japan

Rahul Gandhi who is either known for his 'slumber mode' or jumping to the well episode but not for any right reason. Recently, out of blue he questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi indifferent attitude towards domestic politics and enjoying drum beat at foreign soil.

Raising big question mark over Modi Government, Rahul had said, "They made big promises but where is the result? They might have forgotten so let me remind them. They said they will change the country, bring down prices, reduce corruption. 100 days are over. "At least begin working now. People say they have not even started working. The PM is playing drum in Japan while there is no electricity here and prices are rising".

With this statement, one gets hint that Rahul Gandhi really concerns about people's problem. But if this is so then why he has not gone to Kashmir. Just imagine this future Prime Minister of country has not bothered to even give a statement on this calamity.

But then party leader has tried their best to give shield to their favourite leader. According to a DNA report, Congress General Secretary Ajay Maken said that Rahul has appealed to all Youth Congress, NSUI and Seva Dal volunteers to participate in and help out with the relief efforts in the State.

Why not criticizing Omar government now?
Why Congress vice president is not getting angry now when Omar government has failed in dealing, one of the biggest natural disaster of six decades in effective way. Reports say that the State government has done very little to mitigate the suffering of the affected people.

Not even a single relief camp has been organised by State Government and all credit goes to Armed forces for helping the marooned villagers. Reportedly, the Congress leader Saifuddin Soz was even heckled by disgruntled villagers for not doing enough at this time of crisis.

Rahul Gandhi in past said he was Kashmiri then why indifferent to agony of the victims

In one of the statement in 2012, Rahul gandhi had said that he wanted to feel agony and pain of valley people so that he could address it.

While addressing a large crowd of people, Gandhi as quoted by NDTV said, "I want to reiterate that my family also comes from Kashmir and I am also a Kashmiri. As Dr. Farooq Abdullah has said, his father and my grandfather joined hands for Kashmir. I am here to join hands with Omar Abdullah and the people of Kashmir".

If he was so concerned about the problem of the State why he has not yet visited the State where nature's fury has devastated everything.

Why not giving moral support to friend Omar Abdullah?

It is known fact that Rahul Gandhi and Chief Minister of Jammu and kashmir Omar Abdullah has been a good friend and due to that in 2008 alliance was forged between Congress and NC in the State.

This is because of this special bond between Congress heir and Abdullah successor, Omar got chief minister post which survived all upheavals including 2010 unrest.

Terming junior Gandhi his "great friend" , Omar Abdullah in run up to Lok Sabha election had said, "In Rahul Gandhi, Jammu and Kashmir has found its great friend who is always at beck and call of the state and renders full support to it to overcome difficulties and march towards prosperity".

Though this marriage of allinace has now got over. Keeping in mind their own self-interest, both the partners recently had decided to go their separate ways ahead of Assembly election in the State.

Slamming business will not help

It's high time Rahul Gandhi should understand that mere compulsive attack to Modi will not gain him anything.

I need not to write about what Modi has did this time. It will be better if Rahul Gandhi himself would check the statements of his own party colleagues Gulam Nabi Azad and Digvijay Singh, who heaped praise on prime Minister because of his promptness on whole matter.

Let's hope Congress heir would learn this time that good intentioned selfless service is always appreciated.

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