ISIS job vacancies: A step towards setting up a government

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Bengaluru, April 11: A British Jihadi who has put up an online advertisements offers jobs in various positions for the dreaded ISIS.

While most of the jobs are routine for terror groups such as executioners and bomb makers, the rest of those advertised only suggest further that the ISIS is building up a full fledged administrative system.


Advertising for the post of court staff, administrative personnel and also a media adviser just indicates that they are forming nothing less than a government.

Jobs open for media adviser

The advertisement has been posted an operative by the name Abu Saeed a British Jihadi.

He calls on for applications for the post of media adviser.

He feels that a media adviser and PR agent are necessary as the ISIS need to counter the anti-ISIS propaganda by the Western media. [Yemen: We know who the Al-Qaeda's real enemies are]

The ISIS feels that their point of view needs to be conveyed to the world.

Apart from propagating on the social media and websites they feel the need to have a full fledged PR and media adviser who could convey their message to the media.

Cour‎t officers sought

The ISIS has also advertised for the post of court officer.

This is an indicator that the ISIS has decided to set up full fledged courts and proposes to try people.

Since the outfit has been propagating the Sharia Law it is obvious all trials will be conducted as per this law.

The court officer would ideally have the task of sorting out the case files and fixing dates for the trial.

Jobs for those who do not want to fight

The entire advertisement is circled round jobs that do not involve fighting.

While it does mention that bombers are welcome to apply the advertisement is largely focused on jobs that do not involve combat.

There is a vacancy for a fitness instructor, doctor, chefs and mechanics.

Applications for press officers to run their magazine Dabiq have also been called for.

The beautiful job

The ISIS despite focusing more on jobs that do not require people to fight, it however, gets back to basics by saying killing is a beautiful job.

‎The post states that the brothers in the bomb making business reap the highest rewards and hence it is a beautiful job.

Triggering the button and sending 50 kuffars (non believers) to hell is the most rewarding job.

Further posts which require a person to man check posts and kill kuffars who try and enter ISIS territory is a highly rewarding job, the advertisement also states.

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