Is it Now Team Anna Vs AAP?

By: Pathikrit
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Kiran Bedi's unambiguous tweet on her clear cut support for Narendra Modi has brought about a new dimension to the countdown for the ensuing National Elections. In another statement she candidly stated that any vote for Aam Aadmi Party would be synonymous to voting for Congress.

Her inference is based on the Aam Aadmi Party forming the government in Delhi with outside support from Congress leaving little doubt as to what would be the probable post election scenario in the centre with the possibility running high of AAP reciprocating the same with support for the UPA.

Therefore, is it now an open face-off between Team Anna and Kejriwal's AAP? It is for certain that Kiran Bedi's tweet was a calibrated act and not an impulsive one. And it is also for sure that this act was not an act in isolation but one which has the green signal from other key members of Team Anna. Even during the uncertain days after the Delhi assembly election results gave a hung verdict, Kiran Bedi was an open proponent of an AAP-BJP government than an AAP-Congress tie-up.

In the aftermath of the Assembly election results, in spite of the massive victories of BJP in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan where it nearly decimated Congress and its success in retaining Chhattisgarh in spite of hiccups as well as emerging as the single largest party in Delhi, most of the focus eventually went to the impressive debut of AAP in Delhi.

However, their formation of Government with Congress as an ally did not go down too well with many even though the individual popularity of Arvind Kejriwal nevertheless remaining intact. This, coupled with some extremely irresponsible statements by Prashant Bhushan on issues of holding a referendum in Kashmir on the issue of deployment of army as well as a similar referendum for Central Police deployment in Maoists areas, have eventually made many call AAP a party of Maoist and separatist sympathisers.

On several key national security issues, such statements by key members of AAP have eventually made many say that fight against corruption may be fine, but can that be at the cost of national security issues?

Major General G D Bakshi, a veteran of counter insurgency operations in Kashmir during the height of militancy in nineties, wrote on social media site, Facebook, "The AAP is a good concept as it pertains to empowering the urban middle class and coming out with an issue based agenda. Unfortunately so far it is a single issue based agenda with very few solutions to offer. The national level issues have not been thought through. The views expressed on National security are alarming to say the least. We want change - BUT WE DO NOT WANT AN ARAB SPRING THAT SADLY SPLINTERS AND WEAKENS OUR COUNTRY and is manipulated by foreign intelligence agencies and pliable individuals to serve foreign interests. Where is the euphoria in Egypt and Tunisia today? Do you want to end that way? We do not want to be taken for a ride. Let the solutions be INDIA - First- always and everytime"

Face-off between Team Anna and Team AAP is about to peak

Kiran Bedi's tweet and another key member of Team Anna, former Indian Army General V K Singh's sharing of dias with Narendra Modi during in the recent past, essentially give a picture of Team Anna rooting for national security issues along with their campaign against corruption vis-a-vis AAP fighting on the plank of a corruption free India but having extremely vague and ambiguous stand on several key national security issues.

There is no doubt that Kiran Bedi's statement and rumours of more Team Anna members coming out in the open to show their solidarity with Modi, would be a real shot in the arm for BJP. AAP's ascent even though has been to a great extent at the cost of Congress, concerns remain for other parties as well as to how the urban voter would eventually vote in the forthcoming election.

From that perspective at least, Kiran Bedi's tweet aided by some real time confusion in the AAP over their standing on some pertinent critical security issues, may in certain ways have some critical impact on which way the urban voters would sway.

In spite of the success of the Arvind Kejriwal and his party in the Delhi elections and the emergence of AAP, one cannot deny that Anna Hazare still commands considerable respect among the masses of India. Any statement of Anna Hazare is still given considerable importance and it is highly likely that he would surely take a stand before the elections and what he says would have significant impact. Nevertheless for now, it seems that the face-off between Team Anna and Team AAP has already started and is about to peak.

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