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International Labour Day 2019: A day dedicated to working classes, 10 things to know


New Delhi, May 1: May 1 is observed as the International Labour Day in many countries across the globe including India, China, North Korea, Cuba, and the former Soviet Union. Labour day is dedicated to labourers across the globe and aimed at raising the awareness about the rights of the working classes.

International Labour Day 2019: A day dedicated to working classes, 10 things to know

The first celebration of May Day in India was organised in Madras (now Chennai) by the Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan on May 1, 1923. This was also the time when the Red Flag which symbolises Labour Day was first used in India.

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Many think the origin of this day took place in a socialist country like the former Soviet Union or Cuba but that is not true. The origin of International Workers' Day occurred in the United States - considered the capital of world capitalism.

The day is tied to labour movements for communist and socialist political parties. Labour Day is also known as 'Kamgar Din' or 'Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas' in Hindi, 'Kamgar Divas' in Marathi and 'Uzhaipalar Naal' in Tamil.

Interestingly, apart from being Labour Day, May 1 is also marked as 'Maharashtra Day' and 'Gujarat Day' to mark the date in 1960 when the two western states attained statehood after the erstwhile Bombay state was divided on linguistic lines.

10 things to know about the International Labour Day.

  • It is also known as International Worker's Day, a public holiday for labourers and working communities in 90 countries in the world.
  • International Labour Day is promoted by the international labour movement and celebrated on May 1 every year.
  • The date May 1 was selected by the Second International, an organization of socialist and labour parties formed in Paris on July 14, 1889.
  • May 1 is celebrated as International Workers' Day in order to commemorate the Haymarket affair in Chicago on May 4, 1886.
  • Since 1890, May 1 has been formally recognized as an annual celebration date for global proletariat and workers.
  • International Workers' Day has been a statutory holiday in China since 1950.
  • In Russia Labour Day is known as "The Day of Spring and Labor" since 1992.
  • Germany's capital Berlin witnesses yearly demonstrations on May 1, the largest organized by labor unions, political parties and others.
  • Trade unions can organise parades in major cities in France to defend worker's rights on May 1.

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