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How the France, Kuwait and Tunisia attacks had one style


It was as though the ISIS was trying to commemorate its one year anniversary of declaring the Islamic Caliphate. Three strikes in one day at France, Tunisia and Kuwait has left the world grappling with fear.

While the outfit has claimed responsibility only for the Kuwait strike, the other two attacks are clearly very much ISIS styled.

World terror- Three attacks one style

An evolving threat one may say when deciphering the three terror strikes to hit different parts of the world. While the attack at France is an indicator that Islamic terrorism is going to get worse there, the strike at the Kuwait Mosque was more direct in nature as Shias were the target.

The attack at Tunisia was more of an attention seeking strike. Strangely these strikes took place as the ISIS was celebrating the one year anniversary of declaring the caliphate.(ISIS Caliphate a year later: Stronger and far more dangerous)

Attacks are either by the ISIS or the ISIS inspired

The ISIS is concentrated more in Iraq and Syria. But they have found a way of carrying out strikes in different parts of the world without actually being there. There are many who have been carrying out attacks in the name of the ISIS and this in fact is setting an extremely dangerous precedent.

Some attacks are a direct hit at the Shia community like the one we saw in Kuwait. However the French attack was more of an ISIS styled attack. Whether he belonged to the ISIS or not is another question, but the fact of the matter is that he styled the attack on the basis of the ISIS.

The ISIS in the days to come is only going to get stronger. It is an era of lone wolf terrorism and there are many radicalized on the internet who will carry out stray strikes in different parts of the world in the name of the ISIS. The success of the ISIS in Iraq and Syria is something that is giving a lot of youth a boost.

Analysts would say that the stronger the ISIS grows in Iraq and Syria, the impact on the rest of the world would be more. Youth have got into their heads that the ISIS is invincible and unless and until major damages are inflicted on the outfit, this perception is not going to change.

Attention seekers

The former fighters of Saddam Hussein who now form the ISIS will look to target Kuwait more in the days to come. Analysts predict horrific sectarian violence in the country in next couple of months. The attack on the Mosque which claimed the lives of Shia Muslims was just a pre-cursor to what is coming.

What is worse is that while everyone including the United States of America knew that attacks on Kuwait were going to worsen, none did anything about it.

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Looking at how things are unfolding the attacks in Kuwait would initially look to target the Shias. However the ISIS is bound to change its strategy and is likely to challenge the regime in the days to come.

The case of Tunisia is different. These are attacks which are aimed at gaining global attention. It was a typical attack which aimed at targeting tourists so that the world community would sit up and watch.

Although there is no claim made by the ISIS on the Tunisia strikes, it was again carried out in the name of Islamic terrorism.

The attack in France has been termed as a terror strike and investigations are on. Investigations so far have revealed that the man aged between 23 and 30 had either migrated from Morocco or Algeria could have carried out this attack.

This looks like a case of lone wolf terror, but once again the style was very much ISIS like and this is what should worry the French authorities.

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The only way to beat the ISIS

Currently the ISIS is on a high. For many they are the saviors of Sunni muslims. For the people of Iraq who feel betrayed after a Shia led government was set up, the ISIS is the one providing the answers to their problems. While this is the scenario in Iraq and also Syria, the global scenario is what should worry everyone.

As pointed out earlier in the article, the ISIS is considered to be invincible. With the supreme commander of the ISIS, Abu Bakr Al-Bhagdadi declaring himself as the Caliph it has given the outfit that extra bit of ring. With a vast majority believing that none can beat the outfit, the clamor for the group has only gone up two fold.

The US says that it has already spent 3 billion dollars in its war against the ISIS. Whether this war has had an impact or not is quite an easy question to answer. The answer is no. None of the strikes on the ISIS dominated areas have had any impact.

It is clear that the ISIS has not even been pinched leave alone bruised. The answer lies in defeating the ISIS in Iraq and Syria and unless this is done, the world will have a lot to worry about.

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