Hooda's parting gift for Robert Vadra: Will it completely drown Congress's sinking ship?

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Last moment favour to act as a last nail in Haryana Congress's coffin?
In a parting gift, the Bhupinder Singh Hooda government in Haryana has reportedly cleared a file that enables Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law Robert Vadra to convert his prime residential property in Gurgaon into a guest house, possibly for commercial use.

The move coming from the corruption-hit Congress government just before the imposition of model code of conduct in the poll bound Haryana has raised several eyebrows. But, one just has the gut feeling if it is nothing but a return favour by the Haryana Chief Minister to show his loyalty for the Gandhi family, whose blessings he enjoys.

As per a report published in Deccan Herald, Robert Vadra and one of his companies, Lambodar Art Enterprises, own two adjacent plots (Nos 29-30) in a private colony in Gurgaon. After his file pertaining to conversion of land use got the nod from the CM's office recently, Vadra is now eligible to make commercial use of his Gurgaon property by clubbing plots together and converting them into a guest house.

Hooda government twists laws for benefitting a select few?

As per sources, the total size of the property owned by Vadra is about 9,000 square feet. But, Haryana government had in the past laid down some terms and conditions for conversion of land use, including a cap on the minimum and maximum plot size. The minimum plot size needed to apply for conversion was 1,000 square yards.

And since Robert Vadra and his company Lambodar held land deeds which were less than the minimum area required to be eligible for conversion, the two adjacent plots were clubbed into one to meet the eligibility criteria.

Last moment favour to act as a last nail in Haryana Congress's coffin?

Senior officials, requesting anonymity, said clearance was accorded to Vadra as per norms of the Haryana Town and Country Planning department, said the Deccan Herald report.

Just about eight people, including Vadra, have made use of the land use conversion policy so far, if the quoted in the report are to be believed.

About six months after the Haryana government approved a policy in this regard, Vadra applied for conversion of land use of his property in January 2013.

Hence, this proves that undue favours were made by the Hooda government to benefit a select few people just before the model code of conduct is imposed in the state.

Why Hooda did this favour to Vadra at this point in time?

It seems the Hooda government which is eying a third successive term in the state has understood that its chances of getting third time lucky are bleak and hence it is clearing the dubious deals and benefiting its closed aides.

Congress stares at worst ever rout in Haryana?

This news is certainly going to give a fodder to the rivals BJP, INLD and others to project the incumbent government as corrupt. All the rival parties will leave no stone unturned in the electioneering to defame the Hooda government which is already facing massive anti-incumbency.

But, they say as you sow, so shall you reap. In the past five years, the Congress government in Haryana has become synonymous to corruption and appeasement of Gandhi family. Instead of appeasing select few had Hooda government thought of improving its fading image, things would have been different for the ruling party.

This news will further submerge Haryana Congress's already sinking ship in the October 15 assembly polls. This will further fan the anti-Congress wave in the state and deplete Congress's credibility amongst voters.

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