Has India abandoned itself from Gaza Killings?

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Bloodbath in Gaza; War of words in Delhi
The Indian Government seems to be in a fix whether to opt for diplomacy or morality in the ongoing Gaza conflict. What is going on in Palestine cannot be justified by any moral code of conduct. But even as Indian Government-led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi endorsed BRICS resolution asking for two-State solution with East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital, the Parliament refused to take sides over Gaza conflict and forestalled a resolution demanded by Opposition.

A debate has come into light on India's stand on Gaza conflict which is turning it to be one of the deadliest attack in the region so far. On rejection of Opposition's demand on resolution in the Parliament Rajya Sabha MP, CPI(M) Sitharam Yechury while speaking to NDTV'S Burkha Dutt said,"Is it not in the national interest to protect thousands of Indians working in Arab lands today? Is it not important to take care of of Indians stranded in these countries as they contribute one-third of foreign receipts coming from remittances abroad. While the entire emphasis is on strategic relations with Israel, what about lakhs of Indians trapped in the arab world ?"

On impact of India's relations with Israel, Yahel Vilan, Deputy Ambassador to Israel said,"Relations between India and Israel in the last 22 years have been growing and I don't think this ongoing conflict will effect. India and Israel share common interest and challenges. Hamas is violating human rights in a very cynical way and i regret civilian casualties."

Death toll reaches to 572 with Israel's blistering attack

It is believed that since 2005 for every 15 killed in the conflict, 13 are Palestinians which in one way can be said that it is completely one sided war. With 14th day of the conflict, the death toll of the Palestinians has crossed over 500 which includes 80 % of the children. In the latest incident, an Israeli air strike on a home in the centre of Gaza City killed eight people, including four children, Palestinian medics said.

Since 2005 for every 15 killed in the conflict, 13 are Palestinians

The immediate unrest in Gaza was due to the killing of two Palestinian youths in the West Bank town of Beitunia in May which was reminder of killing of innocent Palestinian children. The brutality of Israel in Palestine has been going on for a long period of time.

More than 4,000 Gaza residents had taken refuge at eight bases of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, spokesman Chris Gunness said. Israel carried out overnight air strikes against Gaza's security headquarters and police stations, in the heaviest bombardment since operations began on July 8.

Government in a fix whether to opt for diplomacy or morality

Indian Government has condemned the killing of innocents in the on-going Gaza conflict but has not agreed to a resolution as demanded by the Opposition. It seems the Government is in a fix whether to opt for a diplomacy channel or morality. External Affair Minister Sushma Swaraj had said that Israel and Palestine should accept Egypt's offer of peace talks. The Opposition has also raised the issue of security of Indians stranded in the conflict region and demanded suspension of all military purchases from Israel and wants India to raise the issue at UN.

Protest erupts in India

Massive protest has erupted in various parts of the country condemning the Israeli brutality. The protest against the Israeli brutality has also spread other parts of the country like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jammu and Kashmir to condemn the military offensive in Gaza. As Israel's air campaign in the Gaza Strip entered its 14th day, the overall death toll rose to 572 with more than 1,000 injured and the UN Security Council called on both sides to declare a ceasefire.

Role of US: Obama calls for Gaza ceasefire, but US gives Israel 95% of its weapons

US President Barack Obama has called for an immediate ceasefire along with UN in the war-strike Gaza but what is ironical is that it is United States of America alone which provides 95% of the weapons to Israel. US also contributes military aid to Israeli's Army. The America's double speak theory is very much clear in the ongoing conflict with President Barack Obama in a telephonic conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling for an immediate end to hostilities and at the same time providing them with weapons.

US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Cairo on Monday and, during talks with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, said the United States would provide $47 million in humanitarian aid for Gaza. "Washington is deeply concerned about the consequences of Israel's appropriate and legitimate effort to defend itself," Kerry said.

"No country can stand by when rockets are attacking it." "But always, in any kind of conflict, there is a concern about civilians - about children, women, communities that are caught in it," Kerry said.

Is India's response to Gaza bloodbath heartless or hard-headed

Mahatma Gandhi once said: "Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense as England belongs to English and France to the French."

In the ongoing crisis, India should make it's stand clear, even though the Government condemns such brutality on the part of Israel in which hundreds of innocent people have been killed so far. The big question is can India afford to take sides on Gaza and how far the relations can be effected with Israel. Israel has signaled that it is not in a hurry to achieve a truce as its ultimate goal is to destroy Hamas militants, which means more killings and loss of innocent lives. At this moment of crisis, India definitely can't remain heartless or hard-headed.

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