Gold in the rectum- Smugglers get innovative

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In a span of four days three cases of gold smuggling have been reported at the Bengaluru International Airport. Interestingly in all these cases, the custom officials had found that the gold had been concealed in the rectum of the smuggler. The custom officials say that it is clear that none of these persons were first timers and they had managed to conceal the gold in their rectum like professionals.

The number of cases of gold smuggling is on the rise and in these cases it has been found that the origin of the gold was from Dubai and Sri Lanka. A businessman from Thane, Maharashtra was apprehended by the customs officials while he was returning from Sri Lanka. In the other two cases the persons were smuggling the gold from Dubai, investigations also found.

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Avoiding the scanner:

Investigations found that the man from Thane was bringing the gold for his personal use. However in the other two cases the accused persons said that they were told to hand over the gold to a person who would be waiting for them at the airport. In all these cases, it was found that these persons had concealed the gold in their rectum.

The custom official explains that the amount of gold that people conceal in their rectum goes up to 2 kilograms. They first wrap the gold in a carbon paper. The carbon paper is used to avoid detection while they pass through the scanner. The gold is then once again wrapped in a plastic sheet following which they hide it in their rectum.

There are many cases in which such persons tend to get away. However in these three cases, the smugglers were caught due to their suspicious behaviour. After passing through the scanner when the officials wanted to frisk them they behaved very suspicious and this led to them getting caught, the officials also add.

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