Free terrorists versus murdered woodcutters: Lakhvi set free, but why is India cribbing?

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Bengaluru, April 10: 26-11 Mumbai terror attack is etched in our memories and so is the fact how the one surviving terrorist-Ajmal Kasab was treated with Biriyanis and investigated in AC rooms when he should have been shot dead, immediately after his confession.

Now that a Pakistani court has ordered the Lashkar-e-Toiba operative and alleged mastermind in the 2008 Mumbai attacks, Zaki-ur Rehman Lakhvi, why is India bothered in the first place?

Lakhvi vs AP encounter, the reality

Contrasting pictures: 26-11 terrorists vs poor woodcutters

The truth behind the encounters of the Red Sanders smugglers is not unknown to us. It is rumored that barring the three international smugglers, the rest of the 20 slain were poor woodcutters who did not even know what they were cutting or how much was it worth. All they wanted was money to feed their family.

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As their families cry over their bodies, with no expectation of compensation from the government as they have been earmarked as 'smugglers', their kith and kin look into the dark, awaiting more hunger.

Kasab was in a better position that way. He was at least interrogated and given a chance to live for the next six years in luxury. These poor men on the other hand were shot for attacking with sickles and stones.

Bombs versus sickels

A land where the law is turned upside down, the citizen cannot expect anything but long-drawn cases and probes, finally ending into nothing. Enquiries, investigations are lame words these days, but if we could spare the LeTs a second thought, we could very well have spared these poor villagers, at least giving them a chance to expain.

Aren't we responsible for the situation we are in? Did the police or the forest officials care to enligten the villagers about their surroundings and the worth of the wood that they might be cutting for livelihood? The answer is open for speculations.

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