India has no business in Afghanistan because they have no border! Mr Musharraf, who are you fooling?

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Former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf spoke to the CNN-IBN on Tuesday in an exclusive interview. The gentleman spoke in a serious tone but it really made us laugh. Is age catching up with him badly? Or is he trying to use the spread of the Indian media to make himself relevant in his own country from where he fled two years ago after his plan to make a comeback through elections backfired? [Dear Mr Parrikar, Indian Army is fighting battles everyday]

Jingoism is military leaders' favourite food

Military heads who turn administrators always find the dose of jingoism very attractive. They love to speak in terms of 'adventures of nationalism' for they hardly have anything else to offer for a sound administration.


Musharraf himself had derailed the peace process in 1999 and now accusing PM Modi?

Musharraf found his favourite topic when he started warning India over replicating what its army did in Myanmar recently following an ambush by militants. The 71-year-old former army chief of Pakistan said his country is not a small power and possesses nuclear weapons and India should keep that in its mind. He accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of making peace talks difficult.

Look, who is speaking. In 1999, when a prime minister of the same National Democratic Alliance was in power and he had undertaken a bus journey to Lahore to improve relations between the two countries, it was this same Musharraf who had derailed the entire process as the army chief and his plans sparked off a border conflict between the two neighbours. He even went on to topple the elected prime minister of Pakistan later that year. And now, he says PM Modi is creating problems for the peace talks!

If India has no business in Afghanistan, what stakes have Pakistan in Nepal, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka?

Another statement from Musharraf that made the Indian audience feel entertained was that India has no considerations in Afghanistan since it did not share with the latter. He said Pakistan has a greater stake in its western neighbour. Indeed. But then how come Pakistan is accused of using the soil in Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka against India? It has no border with any of these three countries.

International politics isn't something that can be compartmentalised as per one's convenience. If Musharraf is worried over India's proximity to Afghanistan, that's his problem.

Musharraf trying hard to regain some ground in his homeland?

Musharraf's over-simplified viewpoints have little significance. The man, who is a past in his own country, is making all these hot statements only to regain confidence of his own countrymen and make a comeback but do Pakistan's common people want somebody who has all the potential to ruin prospects of peace in their own country in the name of India's 'ill-deeds'?

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