Flashback 2014: Five most inspiring videos

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Bengaluru, Dec 30: We will be a year older, but our inspirations would continue to remind us what we are losing in the spree to live a 'successful' life. These videos are some of the most inspiring ones that will teach what exactly life is and how it is meant to be lived. The past year harped a lot on contemplation and thoughtfulness and that reflected in advertisements and videos trailing on social media.

1. Unbroken: This video justifies its title as it speaks of the game-changers in life and how they test our psyche and soul. One's life is one's own responsibility and breaking down in testing waters is the biggest failure. Learn to live it the way you want to live.

2. The Utah Jazz plays basketball with a 5-year old cancer patient: In a heartwarming basketball match, the Utah Jazz basketball team gave a 5-year old terminally ill patient a chance to fulfill his dream of becoming a basketball player. Watch how the 6-footers dodge the young champ's moves.

3. Mother with Alzheimers recognizes daughter: An alzheimers patient recognizes her daughter after a long time. The movie projects the strength of human bonding, especially between a mother and a daughter.

4. The ATM that gave out surprise gifts: This video has literally brought people to tears. As the ATM machine props gifts to strangers, but loyal customers with various financial or domestic problems. And please note that these are not mere gifts, but a helpline for most of the recipients. Just click to watch them react to their surprise gifts.

5. The little girl that doesn't want her baby brother to grow up: Watch out what made the little girl cry and what she said in this cute video that drove the audience crazy.

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