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Is everything fair in politics? Parties thriving on "frivolous issues" in battlefield Delhi

By Avinash

They say 'everything is fair in love and war' and this immensely popular saying is the flavour of the season in poll bound Delhi. Political parties have upped the ante against rivals to garner maximum public support, as the D-day in the national capital is approaching. Almost every party has a single objective i.e. project itself as the best alternative people of Delhi have and rest are all thieves. And for that they are not averse to using foul languages.

Political parties devoid of real issues?
Be it BJP, AAP, Congress or others, every political outfit is calling the other by names and using all sorts of derogatory, foul languages against the other. Poll campaigns are getting more personal with every passing day and it seems sky is the limit for the politicos in the poll fray, today. Haramzade, haramkhor, opportunist, anarchist, upadravi are a few words which entered into political dictionary this poll season. And looking at the present situation it seems the political lexicon will only get lengthier with such jargons.

Not only rallies even posters, cartoon ads and slogans are not untouched with such demeaning stuffs. People, for the first time, are witnessing poll campaigns that are scathing and personal. Take the example of BJP and AAP's poster war.

Why use of derogatory words is on the rise?

When one sees his/her favourite leader getting personal with their rivals, a pertinent question arises why our lawmakers and would be lawmakers are stooping so low?

Well, one of the reason for politicians crossing their limits and going all guns blazing against each others reflects their growing frustration. When they fell short of criticising their rivals on logical grounds, they resort to using such words.

Some politicians make such derogatory statements just to keep themselves in limelight. Hence, they court controversy with their remarks. But, sometimes these politicians forget that such acts, specially during electioneering, might prove fatal for them and their parties.

BJP paying for its leaders' outrageous remarks?

Making insensitive remarks and demeaning statements from its leaders ever since poll fever gripped Delhi has certainly hit the BJP's prospects in the national capital. BJP which was once emerging as a frontrunner in the 70-member Delhi assembly is now facing a stiff competition from Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP, predict recent pre-poll surveys now.

The sudden change in fate is also due to the BJP leadership's sluggish approach towards Delhi. Initially, they were not considering Arvind Kejriwal-led party as its competitor and when AAP became a force to reckon in Delhi, the party leaders started feeling AAP's heat and targeted them.

AAP too became jittery, post Kiran Bedi's induction in BJP

Not only BJP even AAP became jittery after the saffron party inducted former IPS officer Kiran Bedi into party fold. AAP leadership became edgy after media started terming it BJP's masterpiece. Unable to digest BJP's move, a hay-wired AAP first called Bedi as BJP's 'scapegoat' and later called her an 'opportunist', when the party understood her as a tough challenge to Kejriwal.

Have political parties become issue-less?

Almost every political party in poll bound Delhi is thriving more on making demeaning remarks instead of highlighting their work and agenda. A major part of every campaigner's rally - be it Arvind Kejriwal, Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, or others - comprises remarks against their rivals and hardly 30 per cent of their poll talk comprises what they are going to do for the people.

This proves that either there is a scarcity of issues in present day politics or the politicians have considered them as ineffective. But, one doubts how long political parties can thrive upon such issues.

Hence, it is high time Election Commission takes this matter seriously and takes some strict action on politicians crossing the line. Only, then this new trend of making personal attacks will come to an end in Indian political system.

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