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Delhi Elections: Modi has transformed himself into Vajpayee in record time - only 7 months

By Oneindia Staff Writer

Unless all the exit polls are comprehensively wrong, including Chanakya, which I doubt seriously, it appears that the AAP has comprehensively won the Delhi Assembly elections, and the only question is the margin of victory.

I was forecasting 41 seats for the AAP, but I think they may come closer to 50. In any case they would cross 47, which is a 2/3-rds majority.

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The BJP, especially Prime Minister Narendra Modi, need to introspect thoroughly. The Delhi result won't affect the upcoming elections in Bihar or UP, because the Delhi-based media won't stir out of their air-conditioned studios.

But the Delhi result will definitely dent the perception of PM Modi being on a winning streak, and stiffen the resolve of the opposition to stall all of his bills in the Rajya Sabha.

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Thus far PM Modi has transformed himself into the former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in record time -- only seven months!

He has forsaken those who have voted for him without bringing any new supporters into his fold. No killer instinct in terms of promising to bring all the ordinance bills into a joint sitting of Parliament to get them cleared.

For example, no attempt to create a media outlet that will present the BJP side of the story.

Fortunately, as Praveen Patil pointed out in Swarajya, the shock has come early enough in PM Modi's term to enable him to make a course correction. Whether he will do so remains to be seen.

[This article is written by a reader of Oneindia. The opinion and thoughts expressed within this article are the personal opinion of the author. The opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of Oneindia and Oneindia does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.]

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