Congress's free fall continues: Why Rahul Gandhi-led party is becoming a hollow shell

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The results of much awaited Assembly elections is out. Some got reason to revel while some went into deep introspection mode after the results. The biggest takeaway of this election result is that the Modi-led BJP once again proved its mettle by contesting the elections alone in both the states and won them with a bang.

This is also a big feat for the saffron party because it made inroads into Congress fiefdom without any big state leaders. Though other State parties have also been routed but the biggest humiliation is for the Congress. Even state level stakeholders performed better than dynastic party. Why it is repeatedly happening with the Nehru-Gandhi family and where this free fall will stop, these are some questions which must be haunting Congress now.

As LS election, corruption took toll again
Congress party is putting onus on its former partner NCP for their defeat, but the truth is Congressmen themselves are responsible for this rout.

It is altogether a different matter that their ego is not allowing them to accept this. Similar to Lok Sabha election, corruption again took toll in both the States which are considered Congress's bastion.

Both Congress and NCP leaders blamed each other for various scams, i.e Adarsh scam, irrigation scam but nobody took responsibility. The approach which former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had will not work now.

People want tangible action on the misdemeanor and this theory is not at all buy-able that we could not do because of so and so reason. Same things happened in Haryana also. Congress Government led by Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda was outrightly rejected because of their lackadaisical approach on the matter.

Late and weak campaigning by Rahul, Sonia Gandhi

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi did more than 35 rallies in both the States in spite of his busy schedule while Congress president and vice-president both did only around 10.

Modi's energy is really stupendous ( fasted during Navratra) unlike Gandhi scion's tardiness. Despite his (Modi) packed schedule of foreign visits i.e United States, China and Japan he was well available for party and energized his cadres. After landing in India from US, he took clean India mission with vigour.

Then from October 4 onwards on an average he held 3-4 rallies every day. Point is when election dates were announced on 12 September only, why Congress leaders were in sleeping mode? In pressed tone, many of the Congress leaders had even criticized this move of Rahul Gandhi. It is being believed that Congress had very little hope to score high in the elections, so Gandhi scion didn't want to take risk as he doesn't want to expose himself.

Weak leaderships 

The Congress has more 'leaders' than any other party, but in true manner leadership is a complete mess in the dynasty party.

Since Congress vice-president took rein in his hands in 2013, party has only faced wrath. And most surprising thing is that they barely have any idea about what goes against them each time.

They give banal statements every-time that people voted for change and we concede defeat. I am sure that they themselves must have got bored with the statements and want to change that rhetoric. But that needs well managed strategy, astute planning and above all they need to learn to accept the truth.

Wrong timing of Rahul Gandhi made him a laughing stock

Rahul Gandhi is either known for his 'slumber mode' or jumping to the well episode but is not known for a single right reason. Yesterday also, when whole world was talking about Congress rout, he was speaking on cyclone Hudhud. Earlier also, out of blue he questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi's indifferent attitude towards domestic politics and said that PM is enjoying and beating drums at foreign soil.

Raising big question mark over Modi Government, Rahul had said, "They made big promises but where is the result? They might have forgotten so let me remind them. They said they will change the country, bring down prices, reduce corruption. 100 days are over. "At least begin working now. People say they have not even started working. The PM is playing drum in Japan while there is no electricity here and prices are rising".

With this statement, one gets hint about how much is Rahul Gandhi really concerned about people's problem. But if it is so, then why he went to Kashmir days after the nature's fury had hit the State.

LS rout had put Congress in tight spot but still real action was not taken

The Congress party was routed by Modi led troops in Lok Sabha election. The BJP had pushed Congress to a lowest tally ever in history in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. But sadly, Congress didn't learn any lesson from that.

Top leaders did some eye washing exercise but on ground level nothing changed. No effort was made to resuscitate the moribund dynasty party.

It seems that the party had lost all hopes to turn things around in their favour. They themselves didn't make any effort to come back. Most likely party will face defeat in Jharkhand and Jammu and Kashmir Assembly polls also.

It is really ironical that one of the biggest party is seriously facing big crisis and they themselves are responsible for this downhill prospect.

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