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Calling the Shots : A CS note on Covid Specific vaccination

By Dr. C S Rajan
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Life on the Celestial Sphere of the Earth Was brought to a Crashing Stop By Coronavirus 2, or SARS-CoV-2. The Contagious Spread in the air Brought forth Confounding Sanctions And Constricting Social norms.

Calling the Shots : A CS note on Covid Specific vaccination

Many a Colleague was Struck, Especially among Cherished Seniors. For quite a few it was Curtains and Silence (death) Others Crawled and Scraped through the ICU, But have Continuing Shortness of breath.
Charmed Sorts got just a Cough and Some fever But Carrier States went around as Callous Spreaders,
Causing Statistically high numbers...!

COVID-19 vaccine: Over 10 lakh beneficiaries so farCOVID-19 vaccine: Over 10 lakh beneficiaries so far

Constitutional States (governments) under pressure Fueled by Correspondents Spewing fear,
Corporates Seizing the opportunity Crisis Science kicked in Creating Serums (vaccines) on the double,
With good Chance of Success, And a Creditable Safety profile.

Now we wait with Concerned Suspense, The arrival and Co-ordinated Sharing Of this Community Supportive vaccine.

Common Sense dictates that the Disease Calamity: Safety of Vaccine ratio Be understood, Confirmed and Surmised, by all. That, there is, Credible Security Against the Corona Syndromes. The duration of Confirmed Shelter from Covid is not known So the Coping Strategies of CSM [Clean hands, Social distancing, Mask] Will Carefully Stretch for months more.

Yet, vaccination is individuals' Choice Specific. And the non vaccinators will Continue Susceptibility
Adding Considerably Significant Risk Of Cursed Suffering of the disease to themselves, Besides being the main Cause of Sustained viral Presence in all Cadres of Society.

This will delay return to Civilized Styles of Living That were Considered Standards of the Pre Covid world. It will add to the Cash Shortages of millions, And deprive our young ones of Classes & Schooling
To get their formal education and Cultural Skills Needed for the Confidence and Success in their lives.!

(Dr. C S Rajan is a senior consultant surgeon, Bangalore)

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