Modi as PM disastrous for India? Well, what was Manmohan as PM like?

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Manmohan Singh finally settled the issue, may be the only one in his career as the prime minister, when he ruled himself out of the race for a third term at a high-profile press meet on Friday. It is not something surprising for almost everybody knew that Singh's time was up. But his strong criticism of BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is unexpected. The man in Gandhinagar wouldn't mind though. Manmohan Singh has just perished and that too after committing yet another blunder of attacking Modi with strong words.

But Singh could have done something different and better in the press conference, the third in his 10-year stay in office, and do something to repair his badly damaged image. But he failed to resist the temptation and made himself an object of further contempt.

Was there any reason for Singh to attack Modi after announcing that he is no more in the race to become the prime minister? For, it was the same Singh who expressed regret over the Sikh riots of 1984 but he went on to launch a scathing attack on Modi over the 2002 Gujarat riots.

The man, who was chosen as the prime minister in 2004 by his party chief Sonia Gandhi, proved that not all can rise above petty politics to become a statesman. Singh made evident the petty politician in him by criticising an opposition leader who looks favourite to become the prime minister after the polls and that too after quitting the race of premiership.

What was the purpose in attacking Modi over the Gujarat riots, particularly after the judiciary's gave clean chit to the BJP leader dismissing the plea of Zakia Jafri? Couldn't Singh get over the Congress and BJP divide and speak about the latter's highly praised model of governance for once for the man has been given clear mandate in his state thrice? The prime minister was much less aggressive while speaking on the Aam Aadmi Party, which has perhaps emerged a bigger foe of the Congress after the recent assembly polls.

His strong words on Modi spoke about a deep sense of frustration and a pain of defeat. Both Singh and Modi have over a decade of experience as administrators under their belts. But while Modi is considered the future of the nation, Singh is already a relic of the past.

Singh admitted many of his govt's failure. How was that not disastrous?

Indians should feel relieved that such a leader, who doesn't know how to lend a non-partisan leadership, has decided to call it a day at the highest office. If Narendra Modi is called a disaster even before coming to office, Singh is even a bigger disaster after 10 years in office. What decisive role had Singh played as the leader of the nation when innocent people were being attacked and killed in Muzaffarnagar? What positive leadership did the prime minister give when Assam, his own constituency, was burning in 2012? When Pakistanis beheaded Indian soldiers, what role did the prime minister play to send a strong message across the border?

The prime minister also admitted that his government failed to curb inflation and price rise, unemployment and corruption. How was that not disastrous?

It is disastrous to see that the Congress and its leaders, including the prime minister who at other times look non-existent, begin slamming Modi by hoping that it would help them regain some public sympathy during the elections. The reality is actually the opposite. Singh made a desperate last attempt to make a mark at Friday's press meet but it had only aroused a laughter.

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