Battlefield Delhi: For social media, Kejriwal is first choice; Kiran Bedi is BJP's 'panic button'

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The battle for the upcoming Delhi assembly poll is getting intense with every passing day. Political parties, into poll fray, are making every possible effort to woo voters and attack their opponents.

Its BJP Vs AAP in Delhi polls

The major stakeholders in Delhi elections, BJP and AAP are applying every permutations and combinations to outshine the others, though both are equally skeptic about their winning prospects. Congress is no more in the battle this time as no body is talking about the party.

Kiran Bedi 'panic button' for Delhi BJP?
The battle for polls in Delhi has become interesting after the BJP played a masterstroke and fielded Kiran Bedi, a former colleague of AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal. Both Bedi and Kejriwal were active members of Anna Hazare's Jan Lokpal Movement.

Suddenly Kejriwal who was the most popular choice for Delhi's CM had a competitor in Bedi, country's first woman IPS officer and a social activist.

BJP, AAP banking on their CM faces

The two parties are banking heavily upon their leaders Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi for getting a majority in the 70-member assembly and both are leaving no stones unturned to gain mileage over the other.

Delhi elections: More details

Interestingly, it's not only the two candidates or parties who are questioning each others' credentials and honesty, in fact the voters are also discussing on various platforms about these two candidates before casting their votes so that they do not feel cheated afterwards. It seems before drawing any conclusion, the voters want to be rest assured.

Social Media taking Delhi polls seriously

Hence, there is a constant debate going on in the social media over Kejriwal and Bedi about who is among the two is a better option for Delhi's chief minister. One such debate is going on over social networking site Quora on which people are sharing their views about who among the two would be a better Chief Minister for the national capital?

The respondents are constantly sharing their views on this burning issue of the month and supporting their favourite candidates and parties. Some seem to have decided on which party or candidate to support while others are still busy comparing the two candidates by analysing their past. They are comparing every similarity, differences, strengths, weaknesses and experience of both the candidates.

But if one goes with the number of comments then most of the people still have some amount of faith in Arvind Kejriwal but there is no dearth of those who are still questioning the AAP chief's decision of quitting from the Delhi government. There are people who still doubts that Kejriwal, who is promising a full 5-year term, will be able to keep his words. But there is a large section of the respondents who are supporting him for his anti-corruption crusade and rebel attitude.

On the other hand his main rival Kiran Bedi is getting a mixed response about Delhi's cheif ministership. People are still questioning the BJP's sudden decision of inducting Bedi, an immature in politics, and immediately projecting her as party's CM face. They are also discussing about the controversies associated with the former cop all through her service and her controversial decisions. They are also questioning her decision to join the BJP when she was very close to AAP's ideology.

'Experienced' Kejriwal has a slight edge over 'new comer' Bedi

A comment about Kejriwal, on Quora, reads, "Arvind Kejriwal entered politics in November 2012, created his political party from scratch, has experience of being hammered by the media, knows how to control the party and most importantly, he has the experience of losing. It was due to Arvind, that Shah was forced to make Bedi the CM candidate. That's the only reason. Then shouldn't it make more sense to have Arvind as CM?"

"Kiran Bedi is the panic button for Delhi BJP. Her political speeches are boring, she has no control over Delhi BJP and hasn't been scrutinised politically. She joined politics just now and has a teacher's vision for Delhi," commented one about Kiran Bedi.

Kejriwal getting a tough fight from Bedi

As one scrolls down, one finds lots of arguments for and against the two leaders but one question every one is asking that why BJP suddenly decided to project a newcomer like Kiran Bedi to take up the responsibility of Delhi's CM.

But, one also can not deny the fact that ever since BJP projected Kiran Bedi as its CM candidate the popularity of Kejriwal has certainly seen a dip. Almost every pre-poll survey conducted after BJP's big declaration has predicted that Bedi is giving a neck to neck fight to her for colleague.

Therefore, the upcoming Delhi election is going to be a close contest and it will be interest to see which side the fate turns ultimately. 

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