Arvind Kejriwal’s Real Agenda- An Arab Spring Type Anarchy in India?

By: Pathikrit
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It was only a few months back, that a series of explosions took place during a rally of Narendra Modi in Patna. Modi braved all the odds , maintained composure and controlled the huge crowd of lakhs of people in order to make sure that panic does not lead to a stampede. But did even for once BJP use that issue, which could even have been fatal for Modi , as an excuse to attack JDU party headquarters, because JDU is the ruling party in Bihar? In spite of the sheer callousness of the Bihar Government which had got exposed, Modi went on with his usual work and left it to people to judge.

The Quitter on a Certifying Mission

Had Arvind Kejriwal not deliberately resigned from the Chief Minister's post, 5th March, 2014 would have been another day in his life as a CM of a state which has major issues of massive shortage of supply of power, water, housing and industrial infrastructure. Yet, instead of judiciously trying to use the five years at his disposal to solve the problems of Delhi and create an example of good governance, he chose the path of quitters.

Since then Kejriwal has been busy with his favourite hobby of finding out faults and, doling out certificates of dishonesty, impropriety and non-performance to others, his own lacklustre performance of 49 days as a CM of Delhi notwithstanding. Ask him about alternate solutions to India's systemic and structural problems, he has none to give. Ask him about the issue of Janlokpal Bill, in whose pretext he had actually resigned, one is greeted with gibberish logic devoid of logic. Ask him as to whether he would again fight for Delhi Assembly or Lok Sabha Elections, no concrete answers would be given. Last heard, AAP was waiting to see from where Narendra Modi would eventually fight the Lok Sabha elections and then would pit Kejriwal against Modi.

What Actually Happened on 5th of March?

On the 5th of March, 2014, Arvind Kejriwal's convoy was questioned by Gujarat police. The contention of Gujarat Police was simple. Since the model code of conduct has come into effect because of the declaration of the general election dates. Kejriwal was asked if he has the requisite permissions for his rallies and movement with a large entourage. Such permissions are mandatory as per the directives of the Election Commission which are easily available in the Election Commission website. The instructions clearly states, ‘ The party or candidate shall inform the local police authorities of the venue and time any proposed meeting Well in time so as to enable the police to make necessary arrangements for controlling traffic and maintaining peace and order.' It also states clearly that, ‘A Party or candidate organizing a procession shall decide before hand the time and place of the starting of the procession, the route to be followed and the time and place at which the procession will terminate. There shall ordinary be no deviation from the programme.'

Very often political leaders on tour in various states are reminded by the local administration about the possible violations of Model Code of Conduct and party leaders are asked to take corrective measures. This is a norm. But has it ever happened that it is used by anyone for creating a media-covered raucous, stone pelting and siege of another party's headquarter the way AAP did in Delhi? No prize for guessing the answer.

So far as Arvind Kejriwal's visit of Gujarat is concerned, as an individual he has every right to go anywhere in Gujarat. As a leader of a political party he has right to hold rallies as well provided, as per the Election Commission directives, he has intimated the local administration in advance. But what he has violated clearly was that he was going around with a large entourage of cars which is debarred for every political party after the Model Code of Conduct comes into effect. It is applicable for everyone and Kejriwal, being the self proclaimed anarchist, cannot have different rules.

It is amply clear that Kejriwal knew that he would be questioned by Gujarat Police who, like that of the police forces of every state of India is mandated to follow instructions of the Election Commission once the Model Code of Conduct comes into effect. Therefore Gujarat Police's asking of Kejriwal about whether he has sought the requisite permissions was an act on behalf of the Election Commission and not that of the Gujarat Police. And Kejriwal knew it all too well but he was perhaps waiting for this thing to happen and use his brief questioning by Gujarat Police as an issue to blame none other than Narendra Modi. That was what he has been waiting to do. In reality, fact of the matter is there was no detention at all.

For Kejriwal, it is all about Modi, Good Governance be damned and Scams of UPA No More an Issue

For quite some time, Kejriwal has been attempting to find a pretext to make it Modi vs Kejriwal. During his Uttar Pradesh tour recently, Kejriwal had tried hard to rake up the Ayodhya issue and expected some rebuttal from the BJP but in vain. No one bothered to give any credence to his uttering. He had deliberately tried to link Modi with the gas price hike even though the issue of gas price was a decision of the Central Government and not only it had nothing to do with Narendra Modi, on the contrary, Kejriwal's deliberate attempt to target Modi got exposed when it became evident that Modi's Government had opposed the doubling of the natural gas price hike. Incidentally Kejriwal has completely changed the discourse and has made sure that scams of UPA are not talked about much. Even as all this happened, Sheila Dikhsit is set to become the Governor of Kerala thereby giving her complete immunity from any investigation. Much of the credit has to go to Arvind Kejriwal for making sure that the former CM of Delhi was not named in the FIR on CWG scam.

The 49 day CM Out to Judge a CM for 13 Years and Use a Lame Pretext to Create a Planned Raucous

So the moot question is what is Kejriwal up to and why is he on a certifying mission in Gujarat? Who is he to certify the work of a Government and a person who has been elected several times as the Chief Minister of Gujarat and has even won United Nation's award for governance? Why would a man who could not even run a state for 50 days even attempt to judge the performance of someone who, in spite of tremendous pressure, lack of cooperation from the Central Government, hounding by the media, continued with his work and made Gujarat, a state with very little resources of its own, a magnet and one of the most preferred destination of investments?

But then, Who Would Judge Kejriwal?

Now the question is who would judge Kejriwal? Is he the one who would judge himself and also others? Why, instead of doing the certification work for others' work, did he not use the opportunity to provide world class governance in Delhi to showcase others? Is this the reason for which he resigned from Delhi Government? Is this more important than his original agenda of giving good governance to the state of Delhi? Kejriwal can spend a lifetime if he wants in judging and scrutinising the work done in Gujarat. That though does not bother anyone and neither anyone expects neutrality from him. His agenda is clear but what is not clear is from where the instructions are coming,

The Game Plan of AAP- Staged and Planned

On the 5th of March, when Kejriwal was detained briefly, within minutes bulk SMS were sent out to party officials of AAP in Delhi, the screen shots of which are doing the rounds in social media. Within an extremely short period of time, a massive wave of AAP supporters barged into the BJP headquarters and went on rampage and stone pelting. They tore down the poster of BJP patriarch Vajpayee. When Delhi Police too blamed AAP for the violence and attack on the BJP headquarters, AAP leader Kumar Ashtosh started questioning the integrity of Delhi Police too and twitted that perhaps Delhi Police is taking orders from Modi. It seems now that anyone who does not toe to the AAP rhetoric is either termed corrupt or an agent of BJP.

Yet the bigger question is that for all the outer posturing of being a party made up of ‘Common Man', which common man had the time and liberty on a busy midweek evening to go to BJP headquarters for stone pelting? Were they the common Delhiites who voted for AAP who went to pelt stones or was it a gang of unruly characters, the perennial helping hands and last resort of the rabble rousers?

Meanwhile the Big Expose by an AAP Member- Was the Raucus of Kejriwal to divert attention from this?

Even as the controversy over the violence raged, a very prominent founding member of AAP and convenor of the legal cell of the party, Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay resigned from the party and made serious allegations about the party's inclusion of anti-national elements and funding and influence from abroad including funding by Ford Foundation and how over the last one decade more than Rs 4,000 crore has been distributed by Ford Foundation among those NGOs in India who either sympathise with the Maoists or terrorists. He even went on to blame AAP for having compromised with all the principles with which it was formed and questioned the party's decision to give a Lok Sabha ticket to Khaled Pervez in Moradabad, a man who is a bank defaulter involved in the business of bidi making and have several cases of use of child labour in his factories.

What Bothers the whole Nation does not Bother Kejriwal

Therefore serious questions may arise about the real intentions of Arvind Kejriwal and his brigade. And these questions are being raised by members of his party as well. What is the real agenda of Arvind Kejriwal? Why is it that whenever a serious issue hits the limelight, coincidentally Arvind Kejriwal starts a new agitation or drama and the core issue gets sidelined? In the last one week, the accident onboard INS Sindhuratna and the subsequent resignation of Navy Chief, raised severe questions about India's national security preparedness and the state of the defence forces. A few days before that India's Air Chief raised doubts about the ability of Indian Air Force's ability to counter a joint strike by Pakistan and China, given the sheer lack of modernisation of Indian Air Force. News over the last few days have also poured in about 16,000 CRPF jawans and officers having quit the force in the last 4 years and more than 60,000 have quit from the Central Police Forces in the last 5-6 years. This raises severe questions about the management of police forces in India and has long term ramifications for India's internal security. Has anyone ever heard Kejriwal engaging into a serious debate about such national security issues? Why does he not talk about the plight of the Indian farmers, several lakhs of whom have committed suicide in the last one decade? Why doesn't he talk about the deteriorating law & order situation of West Bengal? Why is he never mentioning about the faltering economy and the worsening fiscal situation? Why is it that things which bother the whole nation does not bother Kejriwal?

What Next to Expect from Him?

Given Kejriwal's bizarre attitude it seems now that he has a single minded agenda of countering Modi and perhaps that is the reason for which he resigned from Delhi Government. Bigger question then that arises is whether he is doing on his own or is he doing it at behest of some. Therefore there is no doubt that he would go to even extremes of appalling logic to malign Modi. He can even blame, instead of appreciating Modi for having extremely good roads, twenty four -seven electricity supply and high investments in Gujarat. For an anarchist like Kejriwal, real time development would always remain a taboo. After elections, he may even sit on a Dharna and not accept the verdict and ask for reelection. Nothing can be unexpected now from Kejriwal. Interestingly, on the issue of Kejiriwal attempting to meet Modi without any prior appointment and then blaming Modi Government for not meeting him, Chetan Bhagat Tweets, 'I'm going to land up unannounced at US Prez Obama's office with 30 media cameras. If he doesn't meet,he's obviously corrupt and scared of me.'

The Hidden Agenda- An Egypt Type Anarchy in India?

One then is forced to wonder if administering Delhi efficiently was more important than all that bizarre thing that kejriwal has started doing. Eventually it would be the people of India who would judge and the best rebuttal for Kejriwal would be to ignore him completely. And yet it is also at the same time extremely critical to beware of hidden intentions. Does he want to create an Arab Spring in India? Does he want to make Delhi a Tahirir Square? To what extent he would resort mobocracry and anarchy in the name of Aam Aadmi and on whose instructions is he doing all these? That remains an unanswered question. India's system needs massive reform and refinement. Instead of that, is Kejriwal out to destroy it altogether? Does he want to create an Egypt type anarchy here.

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